Di Marzio: "Renewed Icardi? The words of Spalletti have been putting Inter in trouble, which now needs acceleration"


"It is two and a half years of its contract and it also works well, I do not think it's the problem in the contract". According to the research Sky Sport, the journalist and market expert, Gianluca Di Marzio, describing Luciano Spalletti's words on the fastest goal Mauro Icardi and on the renewable issue: "Whether the coach that even said the renewal period said. I believe that Spalletti's statements have been in a & # 39; sending a company in trouble, and they need to do the refresh now faster. I do not know if the technology will come back that it would still be doing these checks – a & # 39; Di Marzio continued -. For me, and it's a personal idea, it's the help of the cleaning room to make it clear that it's on their side, as the team has been on its side. He wanted to make the captain understand that he is today in the railing room as a coach. But it is a society that needs to come to a decision on how to do it; solve the problem.

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