Diabetics International Day celebration, Fraud Division, Ain Shams University


The Faculty of Nursing today celebrated the International Diabetics Day if the support of Dr Dr Salwa Samir, Dean of the College, and Professor Eman Ibrahim, Deputy Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Professor Mohamed El Houfi, Professor of Food, Department of Agriculture, Medical Medicine on a bloodbird and vaccine.

The ceremony began to recite verses from the Holy Harbor and the words of Professor Eman Ibrahim, where she emphasized the college that he is willing to keep up with the medical events on the side outdoors and the voluntary spirit that should be given to everyone in society as a whole and specifically for foster professionals, She indicated that the community should be aware of illness diabetes as a result of the recent increase in black grouse, which is not restricted to adults only, but the percentage is very large in children and young people because of their stress in The tests, we want a healthy generation of community benefit.

He explained that we can rule three sugar sweets, as the diabetes causes two types of behavior; The first type is that the pancreas does not make insulin, and here we will do it; Using insulin dose is the second type of insulin, In small numbers, so medicines are used. Both types continue to hyperglycemia. Diabetes must be & # 39; manage and balance the diet so that there is no increase or fall in sugar and so there are other problems such as sleeping.

It is also essential to rule the sugar in the body. The food that is allowed daily to be distributed on more than one food, and should have 6 foods daily, three of which are main and 3 lights, as well as full feeling, and states that all nutrients need to have diabetes' s diet with a diet measured and balanced by doing it; counting a portion of a stalk that will Responding to the dose of insulin for each patient, as well as eating at a certain time, and regular exercise, walking, explains that the dose of children's weight is measured on the weight of each child.

Dr Marian said she was happy to be involved today, saying that the blood service is a medical method made by a healthy person who needs blood, such as those who will make large surgeons, at birth or after a major event or anemia with maritime anemia (Thalassemia), or when the body is able to create blood and healthy cells. These issues may occur due to problems in the bone marrow or chemotherapy product, as the grant process will take place between 10 and 15 minutes and its duration. 400 to 450 Melitra, and explained that blood can be given every 56 days, and well said Dr. Murrayan suggested that the donor should be selected through criteria of medical examination, laboratory and history before giving the grant. The type of blood, the proportion of hemoglobin, measurement of bladder and blood pressure will be determined. The donor should be aged between 17 and 70 years and at least 50 kg.

It is worth saying that some members of the faculty and students have a relationship with a medical awareness within the college through a " measure blood sugar and weight measurement for students and college staff, as well as those convoys that will visit the "Waili" community on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Lecturers for health counseling and counseling for all individuals and spreading leaflets for health awareness, and a medical analysis of citizens in relation to sugar analysis and weight gauge.

We thank you and your visitors to the Saudi Egypt website for their trust and attendance. We also have a & # 39; promises to give you the latest and important news from all reliable resources. The International Diabetics Day, Faculty of Nursing, the University of Ain Shams, was moved.
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