Diamond & Silk: Streaming News Fox Service Show – Fox Nation Add Duo


Customers of Diamond and Silk's preserved social media (introduced officially) are introduced into the Fox News family by a weekly series on its Fox Nation subdirectory broadcasting service, TVLine has confirmed. Each program of the self-titled program shows its guests – Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) and Rochelle Richardson (Silk) sisters based in North Carolina – a & # 39; offers "five minutes of ideas, focusing on daytime events and unusual conversation."

"Diamond and Silk have confirmed that they have played an important role and we are delighted to be part of a FOX Nation," said John Finley, vice president of high development and production of Fox Nation in report on Monday. The two openings have been added, "We can not wait to go to the best production … FOX Nation! We have lots to share with you on this special platform and we can not wait to start."

The trumpes, known to be the latest Trump in 2016, have regularly appeared on Fox News, entertaining such Hannity, The Distribution, The Fox & Friends, The Ingraham Area, and Watters & WorldsSouth Westerly

Fox Nation, which is designed to strengthen Fox News' spectators experience, offers unique content, accessibility and membership events only "a & # 39; The cost of customers that could be $ 5.99 per month. Your ideas about getting Fox Nation's latest news? Drop in your opinion below.

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