Diany about the work of the dissertation Danca remembers the way of the Bolsheviks, says Hrnko


Hrnko is sure that Andrej Danko has won his title.

The discrimination process that is related to the hard work of the Prime Minister of Slovak Republic, Andreja Danka (SNS), is similar to the ways the Bolsheviks used in the face of conflicting power. He believes that former President of the Native Americans is Anton Hrnko.

"What is happening now is not possible to be compared to anything else, just for the Lynch media against the nationalists of the bourgeois nationals in the 1950s," he said. For the title of JUDr., What did Danko, according to Hrnka, found that Matej Bel University (UMB) in Bansk√° Bystrica is a post delegation but a truly credited university.

Bolshevik Huntingers

"Therefore, he had to set a benchmark in the same period of 2000 to meet the requirements set by law. It should also be noted that it is a test # 39; in the rigorous test, so the main emphasis on oral exams, which comprise at least half of the purpose, gets so important. So he analyzes commissioned school commission, "he said that even the worst arrangements were not; assessment of 18 years ago. "You need to know that it is the ruler's title. It's not a science degree, but a smaller or lesser degree degree. ., for example, I did not have a PhDr. prescribed prescribed tests, "he said.

So Hook is convinced that Danko was given the title in the right legal way in 2000. "If a man wants his judge today, he works illegally. How can the UMB committee of students and those from other departments do so. She has no lower knowledge in her creation, "she thinks.

In total, the work of Andrey Danka's work is considered to be a classic Bolshevik hunter for a person who opposes such projects such as the Istanbul Convention or the Marrakech Agreement of Agreement and similar initiatives, and not the aim of This is a bad impact on the traditional value scheme of European people.

Danko should appeal to Parliament for his hard work. Essential signatures are already collected by the opponents. The Coalition is already announced to open discussions.

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