Diario El Diariquito – Bikers are struggling to make bread of ham


Many bakers in Maracay still offer bread for lack of raw materials

A number of bureaucracy leaders in the town of Moray said they had difficulties to get the necessary tools to make the clothes, so many are waiting to offer them or not, essential to many Venezuelans, in this Christmas.

"It's difficult for this year," said Johanna Caigua, who is over a bakehouse, and shows that it's hard to be able to go. get oils and chrysogans, while there are casualties at very high prices, "we buy, but very little, to try the offer in December." It says that some of selected venues are ordered by order.

Albany Guaramato, an entrepreneur through the Instagram account, described weekly weekly weekly price increases, as a result, it has to increase its prices regularly. "I started selling in October, in 420 and the kilogram cost of the 444 Bolivars game, now it costs 3000 and I have to sell it in 1900, not to # 39 ; earn a lot, "he said.

Guaramato said that the quarrying price of the leg was already in Bs S 2200 and the flower in 330. He said he had planned to make installments for delivery in the days 24 and 31 of December, the same way to Offer Aran Ham in a smaller and cheaper version.

In a tour of a number of bakers in Maracay, it was found in most cases that the bread of the hammer is not shown in the exhibitions, which breathe bakers, as in other years, the sale would be going on at the time of decembrina.

On the other hand, a number of citizens say they can not buy the benefits of purchasing the prices, because they think it's expensive, too, they hope they can not buy for their f & # 39; come close.

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