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11 February (Reuters) –

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—————————— This diary is recorded daily. ** Identifying new events ——————————


** BRUSSELS – ECB President Mario Draghi to participate in the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels. MADRID – Deputy CEO Luis de Guindos to deliver a speech at the Deusto Business School in Madrid, Spain – 0830 GMT.


** BRUSSELS – Deputy CEO of Luis de Guindos to participate in the ECOFIN meeting in Brussels. ** VIENNA – ECB Politician Ewald Nowotny to participate in the panel debate on the "European Fund for Strategic Tasks and its ability for Austria". – 0900 GMT. ** KANSAS CITY, United States – President of the City of Kansas City, Esther George for the "Charting America and Economic Course" at a public conference held by the Kansas City Public Library in Kansas City, Mo.- 0030 GMT. CINCINNATI, the United States – Scottish Bank of State, President Loretta Mester for discussing the economic and financial policy of the Xavier University and Financial Executives International – Cincinnati Chapter Meeting, in Cincinnati, Ohio. – 2330 GMT. BRUSSELS – EU Economic and Financial Affairs Meeting. STOCKHOLM – Riksbank to hold a cash policy meeting – 0800 GMT.

DEPARTMENT, MINUTE 13 ** STOCKHOLM – The Riksbank will keep a news conference on its decision on interest rates. Stefan Ingves, Riksbank ruler, and Jesper Hansson, head of Finance Policy Division, will participate in the " news conference – 1000 GMT. KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Scottish City Reserve Bank, President of Kansas City, to talk about the "Charting America's Economic Course" at a public conference held by the Kansas City Public Library – 0030 GMT. PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – President of Federal Bank of Philadelphia, Peter Harker, to talk about the economic scene before the Power Lunch Network – GMT 1700. DUBLIN – Raphael Bostic's Atlantic Military Force Reserve Bank for discussing the economic and financial policy forecast before the European Financial Forum – 1215 GMT.

LEXINGTON, the United States – Scottish Bank of State, President Loretta Mester to discuss "View of the Periodic Reserve" before "What's Next for Kentucky in the Global Economy" 2019 Economic Conference on held by the Kentucky University of Gatton and Economics Business College – 1350 GMT. WELLINGTON – New Zealand Reserve Bank announces official cash level (OCR) and cash policy statement at media conference.

STOCKHOLM – Central Bank Bank announces a flat rate decision. A cash policy report will also be published – 0830 GMT. CONTENTS, MINUTE 14 NEWARK, Del. – Scottish Bank Reserve Reserve, Patrick Harker, to discuss "Procedures for Leadership" before the third Lerner Annual MBA Student Association Conference – 1600 GMT.

WELLINGTON – 29th Astrology & New Zealand Research Group Meeting (ANZESG) (to 15 February). OSLO – The Bank of Oeystein Olsen, President of the Bank of Norway, will send its annual address, where it is expected that it will change major changes to the country's macroeconomic policy or property assets – GMT 1700. STOCKHOLM – Riksbank executive board meeting – 0800 GMT. DETAILS, MINUTE 15 ** BRUNECK, Italy – Ignazio Angeloni, member of the ECB board to take part in a panel session entitled "The Future of Banking: Will European Organizations Live?" At the Dolomites Winter Finance conference in Brunico-Bruneck, Italy – 1545 GMT. NEW YORK CITY, United States – CEO of ECB Benoit Coeure to take part in C. Peter McColough A series of International Economics organized by the New York Foreign Relations Council – 1300 GMT. BIRMINGHAM, United States – Raphael Bostic's Atlantic Army Reserve Banking "Staff Development" by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama's annual meeting, in Birmingham, Ala. – 1455 GMT. STOCKHOLM – Riksbank general council meeting – 1200 GMT.


BRUSSELS – Governor of the Central Bank of Belgium, Pierre Wunsch, a & # 39; Provides annual report to bank mid – 1100 GMT.

DUTY, NEWARK MINUTE, United States – The Cleveland Bank Conservancy, Loretta Mester Reserve, talks about the economic vision and policy before the 2019 Economic Strategy hosted by Delaware University for Education Economics and Entrepreneurship and Lyons Companies in Newark, Del. – 1350 GMT.

DEPARTMENT, MINUTE 20 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Federal Open Market Committee will be issuing minutes from the policy meeting of 29th January, 2019 – 1900 GMT.


ATLANTA, United States – Raphael Bostic Atlanta Bank Reserve Bank to talk about the economic and financial policy ahead of Terry's Thursday Thursday, in Atlanta, Ga. – 1250 GMT. MONTREAL, Canada – Governor Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz will deliver a speech at the Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal, Quebec – 1750 GMT. DECISION, MINUTE 22 TRANSPORTATION – Saint Louis Reserve Reserve, James Bullard Reserve Party, participating in the & panel, "Future of the Force Force Reserve Contract" before the Money Policy Forum 2019 was run under The Initiative on Global Markets, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business – 1830 GMT.

STOCKHOLM – Central Central Bank's summary will be released from the cash policy – 0830 GMT.


PHILADELPHIA, the United States – The Federal Bank Failure Reserve of Philadelphia who monitors the Outlook Non-Active Business for February – 1330 GMT.

MEMBERSHIP, MINUTE 27 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Jerome Powell Force Force Chairman certifies the U.S. cash policy. and the economy before the Finance Services Committee of the House – 1500 GMT. OSLO – The Independent Center for Money Economics will be launching its annual review of Norwegian national policy. Deputy Vice President of Norway Jon Nicolaisen arrives at 0900 GMT. DARAINE, MINUTE 28

PHILADELPHIA, United States – Scottish Bank Reserve Reserve, Patrick Harker, speaks before the Philadelphia Financial Prize in Philadelphia – 2011 – 1715 GMT. WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Scottish Executive Reserve, Richard Clarida, Vice President of the "View of the Union Reserve Board" before the National Association of Business Economics came to an end. 35 NABE Economic Policy Annual Conference – 1300 GMT. ATLANTA, United States – Raphael Bostic Atlanta Bank Reserve Bank participating in a debate, "The Economic and Housing Shape: Update" before the "Big Data, Big Money: Exploring Banking Next Horizon" conference held by the Atlantic Army Reserve Bank – 1350 GMT. ST. LOUIS, the United States – Scottish Bank of State President Loretta Mester participating in the Second World War of Women's Economics of Economics held by the State Army Reserve Bank in St . Louis, Mo – 2130 GMT.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Atlanta Presidential Periodic Reserve Bank, Raphael Bostic, talks on "View of the Atlanta Army Reserve Bank" before the National Economic Industry Conference Annual Economic Conference – 1750 GMT.


VIENNA – United Nations IAEA, board meeting of rulers (to March 8). Tuesday

LONDON – Statement of the English Bank Financial Policy Committee from its meeting – 26 February 2019 – 0930 GMT. DICIADAIN, MARCH 6

CITY NEW YORK, United States – Conservative Army Bank President John Williams talks at New York Economic Club – GMT GMT. WASHINGTON, D.C. – The US Army Reserve describes the Beige Book of an economic situation – 1900 GMT. STOCKHOLM – Riksbank executive board meeting – 0800 GMT. OTTAWA – Banking of a policy energy rate level – 1500 GMT.


** HAMILTON, Canada – Deputy Governor of the Canadian Bank Lynn Patterson to speak at Hamalton Chamber of Commerce – 1745 GMT. FRANKFURT – The ECB Management Council will hold a cash policy meeting in Frankfurt.

FRANKFURT – ECB's president, Mario Draghi, will have a press conference following a rate-rate meeting – 1330 GMT. DÙN ÙR, 12 MÒR ** BASEL, Switzerland – Forensic bankers from across the globe speak at a financial conference in Basel. Key speakers include headquarters of bank media from Italy, Holland, Sweden, Australia, Mexico and Chile The Eurozone and UK bank managers have also been scheduled (until March 13). BRUSSELS – EU Economic and Financial Affairs Meeting. LONDON – Bank of England will publish a Schedule of the Finance Policy Committee meeting held on February 26, 2019 – 0930 GMT.


TOKYO – Japan Bank Meet Money Policy Meeting (to March 15).


TOKYO – Japanese Governor's Bank Haruhiko Kuroda talks to reporters at the end of the media policy meeting; bank – 0230 GMT Tuesday

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The US Army Armed Forces Army Committee (FOMC) will begin its two-day meeting on participating levels (to March 20). TOKYO – The Japanese Bank will publish the minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting held on 22 January 23 and 23 – 2350. HOME, MAY 21

AONB – National Bank of Switzerland (SNB) Money policy assessment – 0830 GMT. FRANKFURT – ECB General Council Meeting in Frankfurt. OSLO – Norway Central Bank states that there is a decision on mental rates; Management Boards and the publication of Money Policy and a press release followed – 0900 GMT. LONDON – Bank of England names a level decision and publishes the minutes of the meeting, following a level decision – 1200 GMT.


LONDON – Town talk and lunchtime debate with Peter Harker, president and official chief of the Philadelphia Fellowship Reserve Reserve in London. TOKYO – Japan Bank to summarize comments from members of his / her board members. 14-14 March – 1450 policy meeting. DENEFITS, MARCH 26

** PHILADELPHIA, the United States – Bankruptcy Reserve of Philadelphia to carry out a business overview survey that does not work for a & # 39; March – 1230 GMT. STOCKHOLM – Riksbank executive board meeting – 0800 GMT.


WELLINGTON – New Zealand Reserve Bank announces official cash level (OCR).


ZURICH – A member of the Swiss Bank Management Group, Andrea Maechler, will speak at the Cash Market Event, Zurich – GMT GMT.


STOCKHOLM – Riksbank general council meeting – 1200 GMT. ————————————————– ————– NOTE: It does not include items in this diary to & # 39; means that Reuters filed a story based on the event. For technical questions, contact Thomson Reuters Users (TRCS) here

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