Did Orlando Bloom bring Katy Perry's Circle that is almost the same as the Miranda Kerr Circle?


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom has just been involved in Valentine's Day (14 February), and all eyes are already on the flexible ring on KatieBranch.

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It is a globe-shaped diamond-shaped design; a circle of attachment, which has caused some awareness fans to look at how similar it looks Miranda KerrThe Ring she got from Orlando when they were involved in 2010.

MirandaThe tune shows diamonds; Link to a central stone with a gold-diamond band. KatieThere is also a gold band, but without diamonds. The main difference between these two KatieIt is a stone in the middle of purple shell-purple with outer colored shades.

Orlando and Miranda He married in 2010 and was divided in 2013.

See the two rings for comparison below.

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