Did Princess Diana Go to her? College?


Although she was unlucky died before he was even 40, she had a & # 39; Princess Diana lived a strong life that was full of tourism. Although her marriage to Prince Charlie, unfortunately, no one was filled with love and romance, she had a connection; The Princess of Wales told her people and her love for her children than she was; live. During her life and marriage, Princess Diana saw the world, he met some of the most famous and most prominent people in the world and directors, See things we can not think much.

Despite her personal invocation, she used her & her; Princess Diana's benefits and wishes to help others. She was a genuinely beloved and wanted to make the world a better place for people across different socio-economic areas. So, Princess Diana got her the chance to go to college?

Mrs. Diana Mrs. Diana's Princess Kevin Larkin / AFP / Getty Images

Mrs. Diana went to the board school and her the termination of the school

After leaving his parents' marriage divide, his / her / her; Princess Diana and her brothers in the care of their father. When her Princess was late 9, her father, John Spencer, Viscount Althorp sent her to her boardroom at Riddlesworth Hall, located in 30 acres of Norfolk's country and woodland, between Diss and Thetford. It was not a happy time; there. Mrs. Diana was really so sorry about her. away from her family and said to her father: "If you love you, do not leave me here."

After Riddlesworth her princess came with her sisters at the West Heath Girls School. After completing her education at 17 in 1798, her Princess went to Institut Alpin Videmanette – the school was completed in Rougemont, Switzerland for just one term before returning to London.


Although she did not go to college, she did not. He's a princess who & # 39; The first royal royal boss ever got paid before she started. Lean Duchess of Kate Middleton and her & her; Duchess of Meghan Marks along. Indeed, Middleton is the first royal wedding to get a university degree. After returning to London, Mrs. Diana took a series of Low paid jobs until last appointment as a rescue worker at Young England School. Because she loved children it was appropriate.

Follow her princess to her; taught until she was involved in The Prince of Wales in February 1981.

Diana Princess Diana on her wedding day Princess Diana on her wedding day AFP / Getty Images

Marriage unfinished

It is not difficult for royal women to continue with their roles. This is probably why the Duchess of Meghan Markle are so enthusiastic about having a & # 39; taking up her career in the royal family. Diana princess was not so lucky. In fact, she thought that her marriage was the beginning of her marriage day. In the titled documentary Diana: the words themselves, she told her princess that her worst day was her life.

She said, "I went up the stairs, I lunch with my sisters there, and I said," I can not marry her. I can not do this. This is absolutely amazing. "They were amazing and they said," Well, bad luck, Duch. Your girlfriend is on tea, so you're too late for a & # 39; bent out. "Unfortunately, the fear of her princess was set up.

We are amazed at what would happen if she was allowed to continue teaching.

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