Did the wave return? Susana welcomed Welcome to Facundo Moyano Mobile site


When it came to 75 years, Susana Giménez This unique day celebrated by family and from the United States. As expected, the diva received hundreds of messages from its respective peers, friends and fans.

Amongst all was one special and decided to divide her Instagram: the one Facundo Moyano. With the "Happy birthday", the political leader added to his / her blessing with a picture of them to smile at a party.

Did the wave come back between Susana and Facundo? Sometimes, he describes the romanticism that the driver might have with the gremialist, although no one clarified the same in their relationship.

At that time Susana clarified affair with the current national candidate. But Facundo left many doubts when he was at the wedding table Mirtha Legrand He talked about what happened to "the Su".

"I think it's a very interesting woman; in her and she also praises my political career greatly, and so I'm also honored."said Moyano.

At present, Moyano returned with his companion, Eva Bargiela and you would see them very sad at the beach.

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