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Toronto: Do you want to improve health, reduce pressure and encourage productivity for staff? Try an active workstation such as cycling and plumbing mill as they also offer philosophical changes in the & # 39; body than to sit or not; stand on states, researchers are praising. Long-term placements can place people at different health risks such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as cancer.

The survey, led by researchers from the Universite de Montreal in Canada, found that excavation mills were able to access people; Moving and increasing mathematical activity is higher than the constant, long & And better cycling workstations were simpler quicker.

But the uprising body effort could reinforce a game and postage on a treadmill workplace; influencing great quality skills, such as typography, needed for a keyboard.

The two coastal centers and bicycle work centers helped to increase the heart and energy spending and to emphasize blood pressure during the day-to-day compared to standing positions, the results showed. These states allowed pressure, increased attention and reduced reduction than sustainable versions.

"With staff and workplace moving slowly into active state-of-the-art, long-term checks that involve different types of active workforce should provide additional evidence "said Professor Marie-Eve Mathieu, in the paper published in professional work and Journal of medicine.

"At the end, staff and corps should be able to critically examine the benefits and constraints of each type of work and make sure the ones most suited to the specific needs and tasks of the employee , "said Mathieu. In order to understand the potential impact of operational operational and health stations, the team reviewed 12 inspections (of which 274 were first selected) .

They looked at her & # 39; Effects on muscles and geography – average heart rate, blood pressure, energy-enhancing and pain suffering, and mental performance at work – process herbs, attention and short-term memory.

Although there were all types of work related to short-term productivity increases, cycling and treadmill work related to short-term physical changes, researchers noted .

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