Did you know Marc Anthony's biggest children? Can not be recognized!


Puerto Rican has two children of teenagers Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres and they are really great! This is how they are watching today.

Clann a & # 39; Marc Anthony and of the Puerto Rican actor, Dayanara Torres, they are already big, they go beyond their high parents. The Miss Universe winner was awarded in 1993 to her Instagram account, two photographs where you can see how her two children grew up.

Cristian, 17, and Ryan, 15, worked with their mother for a number of holiday holidays. Along with the images, Dayanara Torres wrote: "I love my family. Mum high".

The supporters of the old Miss Universe had a great awareness of them; And the teenagers and the ideas are like: "They are already men, even babies forever". Another follower wrote: "How beautiful those babies are". You may also have comments such as: "Your children are beautiful, they have a tingy season but their mother's beauty. I congratulate you to my queen."

The comic drawing that shows that the son of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are similar to his father

At the time, they had an image of both with their father Marc Anthony, where a very intense debate is among the fans of the Puerto Rican singer: Which is the most similar to the father?

Undoubtedly, the two children have a good look at both parents, and they grow to grow well and happy.

So Dayanara Torres remembers too much to divide him from Marc Anthony:

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