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Taking a cat is a huge responsibility, not only to feed and to get a roof, but to take it to a doctor at least twice a year, and therefore to prevent diseases such as: t the most common bacteria, AIDS and infectious peritonitis.

To find out more about cat diseases, UNAM Global with Fausto Reyes Delgado, medical director of the UNAM-Banfield Veterinary Hospital, explained that if someone has a cat at home and wants to take another, she needs to Take care, because infection is a lethal infection and AIDS.

Viral marine leukemia, like the vet he calls, is the disease that is spread through a vertical link between two toes, either with a scratch or a fight. In addition, a mother can include the cubs through breastfeeding.

This epidemic can cause anemia problems, problems with white blood cells and in the bone marrow, and eye shoes, in the back of a spine, in the central nervous system, sediments, spleen and other limbs.

According to the expert, there are four options to develop the condition. At first, the men and women have a very effective security system in place and can fight the disease.

In the second group, the defense system is not as strong as taking that against the disease. “Once upon the disease, it is thought to have an average of three or five years life.”

In the third case, the cats will face the disease, which does not die immediately but becomes carried. And in the fourth group, chanters are ill but the names of the previous groups are not known.

The expert recommended accepting cats to carry out inspections. If the person has more cats they should separate the new member so that they know if they are healthy. "If it is without disease, it is the first to get vaccinated and to review and protect it from the disease."

In terms of AIDS, the expert said that the distribution is through a long association. For example, "when two cats live together and live alone, this process causes disease of the disease."

He added: "Liver seems to be good, but suddenly weight loss, starting with breathing problems, and when it is examined bacteria in the body should not contain it," she said. T and he has already suffered a disease. "

Reyes Delgado confirmed that this virus is not spread from cats to humans, it is a particular disease of the disease. “Because of bad information, some people get rid of the cats when they find out they have come to the disease, this is not necessary”.

For the treatment, several medicines were used, some are responding appropriately, but there is no specific treatment against the virus, so a vet said.

If the cat is a dietlessness, loss of weight without explanation, a religious or diarrhea release, it usually takes longer than normal and has no physical activity. .

Peritonitis, a common condition in cats

Another common disease is infectious peritonitis, a fatal disease in cats. Inflammation or swelling of the stomach is a blast in the cat's belly.

In Mexico, there is no vaccine for this disease, but blood tests can be proven. However, vaccines in European countries, the United States and Canada are available.

Reyes Delgado finally explained that the UNAM-Banfield Housing Hospital is treating the commonest diseases in cats: infectious peritonitis, leoubhag and AIDS. He made the owners take their pets to the vet at least twice a year to prevent these conditions.

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