Diddy Breaks Silence at Kim Porter's first death: & # 39; We were more than Soulmates & # 39;


The heart of "Old" Diddy "is heartbroken at the death of his sweetheart, Kim Porter.

The model today died Thursday at 47, and the rapper searched the single Sunday Instagram video to crack it while & # 39; she was pregnant. Porter and Diddy had spent 13 years, Share three children together – two daughters Jessie James and Lila, 11, and a Christian son, 20.

"In the last three days I've been trying to get awakened out of this night," he wrote. "But no, I do not know what I can do without a baby. I'm sorry for so much. Today I'm going to respect you, I & # 39: try to find the words to explain our unfamiliar relationship. We were more friends than we were, we were more than the most remarkable today.

On Friday, a store told ET that Diddy was 49 years old in full fish on the death of Porter, and that both were still "very close."

"Sean is very adverse and he's really trying to get out of how he moved on to Kim," said the source. "It's all in fish. The closest relatives are the best possible support they can at this time and around it with love."

As previously stated, Los Angeles Public Information Officer confirmed to ET that police officers in the north of Hollywood responded to the death inquiries at Loch Toluca, California, who stayed on Thursday. In addition, a spokesman for LAPD said there was any suspicion of unresolved play at the time, saying that the cause of his death is still uncertain. Waiting for a chronology.

At the same time, the Los Angeles County Crown has ordered the "execution of additional investigation" to be killed by her Portrait. The office showed its death case as "delay."

When ET spoke to Diddy in 2006, he even said he hoped that he and Porter would be buried "side by side" one day. Look below:

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