Didier Deschamps and Paul Pogba's reputation


The European World concert is a generation of young players, and Didier Deschamps may not have been assigned by the quality of her; Recommended game, but the Bayonnais has created a strong group. A good show when we know that a number of French team players have had a reputation on things that seem to enjoy. look after the likelihood of social networks rather than in the field. But for Deschamps, the image that is extracted outside the green rectangle at that time does not have to do with the one that is displayed in the clerical room.

"They had bushes, and then, be aware of the profile of the players. Take Paul Pogba. The image he says is that he has nothing to do with Paul Pogba. I know it was never before me I am a coach! He welcomes the group, it is like that. After that, there is a group, it works, a player, he's developing … ", he said in an interview with GQ.

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