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After promising at the USL European Championship in Phoenix Rising, Drogba confirmed today that he would hang his cast after a decorated post.

He said: "If someone tells you that your dreams are too big, just thank you and work harder and accelerate to turn the truth into reality.

"I want to thank the players, managers, teams and fans that I met and made this trip one of its kind!

"Also, I thank and thank my family, my Personal Team to maintain my position for the highest level and summary.

"Looking forward to the next Chapter and hoping that God Bless me as much as he did for my football career."

In Drogba's time at Chelsea, he sent 164 visits in 381 and won four Premier League and FA Cup and three League Cup teams.

But the biggest moment came in in 2012 when it came to pass. He left a similar match against Bayern in the European League and hit the piping he won for Blues management to influence.

But Bayern has shown that there are no hard feelings about the finals in a classified tweet for the 40-year-old.

The official account of Barrage is "tweeted:" You broke our hearts again but we still want to congratulate you on a great job. Everything for the future @didierdrogba. "

Last year's talk, Drogba grew alive on the 2012 finals and inspired by Petr Cech's backbone.

"Just before we started, when we came up the stairs and into the stadium, we would look forward to the front and Bayern Munich fans on the right," said Drogba to the Chelsea website.

"As we walked and turned, we would see blue behind the other time, and we said," We are not alone.

"We played in the home, their stadium, the home, and we needed something special there. Again, a problem.

"We said," We're just missing ", but when they have been successful seven minutes before the end … And, oh, we may be! & # 39;

"But after that, when I walked to attack the visit to punish, I knew we won.

Petr Cech rescued three pensions as a whole. The work was already done. "

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