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Culiacán –

Los Dorados de Sinaloa, de DT Argentine Diego Maradona, they stopped the final of the 2018 Opening MX (second division) competition in the Wednesday evening on Wednesday, after they circulated Bravos de Juárez 2-0 in the & # 39; first half degree.

The impact on minute 13 began when the Argentine Jorge Córdoba signed the 1-0 name with a clan chief after taxing a corner. Maradona and her assistant, Luis Islas, marked the score by illegally shouting on the front of their mountain.

It fell 2-0 to 27, powered by Raúl Sandoval with a picture on the left inside the area. Maradona left her kind and sent out her pleasure to dance her & her; laughter in his technical area. If Door is a final preparator, the winner will be measured between Atlético San Luis and Atlante.

In a press conference, the Argentine team of the 1986 World Cup winner was asked to talk about; Appointed Lionel Scaloni, DT assistant albiceleste.

Maradona made the news of his country together and gave me an example to Mexico, who complained to Gerardo Martino. "I played with me Tata Martino at Newell and is a good man. Now they talk about it in Mexico and the Scaloni boy is the Argentineans, who are not responsible for being there, but it is the problem; He is a technician and wants to go to the World Cup. You can go, but to the world of the motorcycle, not football, "he said.

Maradona said he was angry because he was responsible for Scaloni, who does not know if he has a coach title.

Usain Bolt

The arrival of Maradona to Dorado has created great expectations throughout the world. The Argentine star has placed the Ascent MX on its map and the success it has received, now it's a? seeking strengthening and get the first one in Usain Bolt's spinter device figure.

The Swiss watch brand would be interested in linking these two legends. Bolt left into a football world with Shuttlers in the Middle East in Australia, but there was no agreement with her; multi-competitive Olympics broadcast. He would participate in the Equatorial Angulo Vinicio. (D)

We do not learn After Menotti, Gareca, Gallardo, and many good technicians, Scaloni has been employed.
Diego Maradona, DT de Dorados

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