Diesel scandal: "There is no loss or damage" – VW manager is stubborn


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"Almost loss or loss" – the VW manager causes stubbornness

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"For user complaints there is no legal basis in our opinion"

In the diesel screen now VW manager Hiltrud Werner has caused a dispute. The Handelsblatt said that the board was dependent on integrity and integrity, among other things, "… for consumer bids that do not have a legal basis in our opinion."

VW's problem: Consumers had no problem with the diesel screen problem asking VW Hiltrud Werner. Politicians from a number of parties were unhappy.

MResponsible politicians have responded to disturbing the statements on the diesel screen by Hiltrud Werner, the legal director of the Volkswagen Group. Although Werner believed that diesel drivers were vamped by VW, he said in an interview with the "Handelsblatt", however, for "user complaints that are not a legal basis in our opinion." Instead, consumers would "lose or lose". The vehicles are "safe and ready for driving". There is no "no reduction in conserved values" in diesel vehicles. In addition, Volkswagen won a large number of disorders, so one of them.

"Ms. Werner's statements are very beautiful, but VW is also clear that the correct criticism of diesel drivers and many politicians," said Saarland Reinhold Consumer Protection Minister Jost (SPD) is the "Handelsblatt". At the same time he asked for a reply from the Federal Government.

"If the federal government does not have a clearer position on behalf of consumers, it will make it easier for companies like Volkswagen to go away with it and may be laughed , "he said. "Your agency still does not recognize offenses."

FDP: "real problem"

The statement of a VW manager that customers had not been suffering from "any" before "events" is not helpful, "also receives the transport spokesperson for his / her. SPD parliamentary group, Kirsten Lühmann.

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The FDP also dealt with misunderstandings. "It's very tough, with the decision that it's just with VW, which is still in the state's ownership, as little understanding of the impact of their own actions," said vice chair the Liberals in the & # 39; Bundestag newspaper, Michael Theurer. "It is clear: for the consumer, loss of economic loss has been made."

Werner has been in charge of the law and integrity of the Volkswagen Board since February 2017. Over 400,000 VW customers have now come in with an appropriate VW model of scrutiny. Verraucherzentrale Bundesverband (VZBV), Klaus Müller, was opposed to the VW leader's bid, VW opens in court. "This is in line with the published conclusions," he says. Recently, for example, the High Court of Cologne's Court "clearly opposed the VW," said Müller.

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