Dieselgate: Daimler's threat is converted by financial penalty


Frankfurt (awp / afp) – The public procurator in Stuttgart has organized an administration mechanism against Daimler in the framework of the diesel timber gear cracking, which demonstrates the German maker to financial punishment, ; AFP Wednesday learns at the procurator's office.

"We opened yesterday such administrative procedures for breaking" against Mercedes-Benz's performance, he said as a spokesman on his complaint.

It contributes to the ongoing ongoing research, which aims to have four officers of Daimler, who have been accused of fraud and misleading advertising in the treatment of diesel distributions, according to the same source.

In other similar administration methods related to the "Diesel Gate", the " Volkswagen brands already pay their billions of euros and their high carrier company, Audi, a fine of 800 million euros.

He agreed that Daimler confirmed that such a method would be targeted and he said "co-operate as a whole" with the authorities.

An automated agency was ordered by the German KBA equipment to hear 700,000 vehicles around the world throughout the country. this decision.

The Bosch, Porsche and BMW producer are also responsible for criminal checks and may have a fine in this sprawling file, which broke when Volkswagen allowed – In 2015, he would have 11 million of his cars; including 2, 4 million sold in Germany.

A number of Volkswagen operators are still under a criminal inspection, and several thousand users' objections are facing the & # 39; group.


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