Difficult driving problems across eastern Norway


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A road train on an engine has been cut on the E6 at Berger by Oslo. At 08 it was almost silent traffic on the E6 between Kløfta and Lindeberg.

The traffic traffic center will report at 08:00 on Wednesday that, with the exception of the E6 between Romerike and Oslo, snow did not delay the traffic on the main roads around Oslo.

– A new tractor is on track to take over the trailer, Kari Monsen, an operational manager in the East police area at 08.40.

The time between 07.30 and 08.30 has been tight for the East Police Area where the number of traffic accidents have been highlighted. In an accident on the County Road 179 at Ullensaker three people were more injured by 07.40. Three cars were involved in this accident.

At 8:30 am, an accident was reported between a lorry and a bus at Stovner. There were no injuries in this accident.

Overall based

The worst traffic happened on a Wednesday morning on the 35rd at Ringerike.

The police in south-east Wales are reporting on Twitter at 6.30pm on Wednesday that a truck has hit a trailer in a passenger car. A man in the passenger car was banned.

– He is now freed and on his way to Ringerike hospital. The extent of the damage is not known, according to the operations manager Jan Tore Gregersen in the South-East police area of ​​Aftenposten.

The injured person is in the late 1920s.

– The accident happened when the passenger car got into trouble in a swing and left into the trailer on a lorry, Gregersen says.

Highway 35 is closed for a long time.

– The accidental accident group from the Scottish Public Roads Administration is on the way, according to Gregersen.

Here you can see how the traffic traffic is where you are:

Difficult driving problems in East Norway

There are difficult driving conditions throughout East Ayrshire on Wednesday and the police are advising people to drive carefully or leave the car until it is cleaned.

Norwegian Metallurgical Institute has provided OBS plan notices about difficult driving problems following late snow. The advertisement relates to Østfold, Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud and Vestfold. The area is expected to have up to 30–40 centimeters of snow, with the majority of people in the western parts of Oslo Fjord.

At 08.29 police report that a car has been hit after him in Sandvika. A person has neck pain. An ambulance and police patrol were sent to the site.

In Sandvika, a lorry has also stopped in the middle field in the Oslo route and creates an extra layer, but it has now been removed from the road.

Face to face in Drøbak

Exactly by 07:00, the operational center in the East Police Area reports a tragedy on Holtbråtveien outside Drøbak. There there are two cars in collision.

– Three cars have been involved in the accident. Aircraft were introduced into the cars, but no injuries are caused to those involved. Both cars need to be cleaned, according to Atle Vesttorp, operations manager in the East police area at 7.15pm.

Vesttrop says that most of the challenges are caused by traffic at the top of Romerike.

– At present the driving conditions are very difficult at the top of Romerike due to the snow. There are no snow places elsewhere, such as Fredrikstad. Drinking conditions vary widely from place to place, according to Vesttorp.

At 4 o'clock in the evening, a driver was driven to hospital by amputation after the car had entered a parked lorry on a rest on the E18 between Nygård and Vinterbrosletta in Akershus.

Hitting with a parked trailer

A car went out on the road and struck a parked parrot with Him in a ski resort in Akershus night to Wednesday.

Subsequently the driver was sent to the Akershus University Hospital after the accident, which the police received at 3.43.

– There was a huge traffic accident, but motorists got away with a broken arm, Atle Vesttorp's operations director in the East police area on Wednesday morning.

Difficulties in a tunnel

The east road traffic center has named on a Wednesday morning that it has spent a lot of time in the night and recommends that staff measure good time and driving according to regulations.

Just before 7:30 am, the Administration of Public Roads of Norway reports that one area of ​​an Nøstvedt tunnel in Akershus to Oslo is closed because of too much water on the road.

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