Digital Digital Supporter Call Screen feature to phone upgrade Update to text display to build #Assistant (139328) conversation content.


The new work on Call Screen will be added to the automated recording of a screw content and # 39; Calls in the Screen Call function, so that the user can be able to; confirm the content of the conversation when it is raised through the communications table, and clarify how Google Helper is able to; contact the convener. The object interacts and also verifies whether a call is required.

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When Pixel 3 was announced at a news conference in New York this year, Google included Call Screen, call slamming and proxy activity built by Duplex technology. It is expected that the option will allow users to monitor their content; cited by the end of the year. Electricity, or confirmation of the identity of another party.

Google Digital Assistant Pickup Call is a Call Screen work. Update the text display.

At this time, the Pixel 3 series is only available in the US, and is used to & # 39; Most Pixel 2 and Pixel 1 mobile phones have a Call Screen to help users pick up racks, and the content of the connected conversations can be immediately displayed on the mobile phone screen in a text mode. In the case of the call in response, the user can still verify how Google Assistant responds during their construction process, and can also confirm the convener's identity.

However, in the previous version, the system does not automatically record the content of the phone-to-phone conversation. So if the user has a & # 39; Feeling an instant view of the mobile phone screen, the convener can make an impression on the move that is going on; coming in from the phone table, but he does not know. The conversation was made when Google's Capture was built.

Paul Dunlop, the product manager responsible for the previous Screen Call, stated that the new version of the Call feature will be ready for users who participate in a beta test, and will be added to & # 39; Automatic recording of a call in the Call Screen initiative. If you miss the Google help-making process, you can still confirm the content of your conversation when you are built through the conversation table, highlighting how Google Helper interacts with the convener, and also confirm if you need to send a message.

At present, it is expected that this feature will be officially launched by the end of this year, but is still available for use in the United States, and the phone language must be located to English to identify this feature automatically.

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