Digital merchandise, behavioral analysis, payment methods, key for banking in 2019


IDC, a major market intelligence agency, consulting services and a conference for the Information and Communications Technologies department was expected to be the next year for the banking department in terms of technological wellbeing. Its main conclusions include, the Digital Branches, Behavioral Reviews and Modernization architecture are considered to be the key features of payment methods.

Jonathan Namuncura, a software analysis of IDC Chile, indicates that these efforts will "be able to provide a better service to a wide range of banking clients" and says "from within, one of the most important changes will be related to their digital capabilities. Technology / transformation is responsible for achieving value and sending distance to those governing bodies. This is, according to our inspection Performance of Digital Transformation Act 2018: Banking, The

IDC finds that the main challenge of banking by 2019 is to Delivering its Digital Bank services and supporting Transform Digital strategy. "In this Cloud Suppression Audit, Corporate Segment, made for the Spaniard market, we have seen significant progress in embracing Cloud and its archives directed to Cybersecurity. So these developments are expected to be built up in enterprises and concrete projects in 2019, "adding Namuncura to it.

In terms of Digital Bank, the expectation of opportunities between traditional centers and the Fintech world is expected. "It's a good way to move forward at this time by working together and focusing on new product design in unprivileged market sectors, creating new or no-new methods of preparation. ; help the opening of bank accounts through digital ways. This last point is also relevant to SMEs, "said IDC analysis.

Namuncura explains that it has a Transformation Digital strategy based on the "banking" checks that we have seen changes in structures that try to give more power in the Technology field, which will improve budget allocation and give concepts to its campaigns ".

The ultimate user

At the end of end users, the expert indicates that "corporate / digital relationships will be visible in the coming years. Whatever in branches, services and care methods, Users, for most, searching for a variety of those with those locations, "and in that sense," the integral omnichannel strategy to address these challenges. "

"It is anticipated that there is an active relationship between the public and private sectors to encourage and create a faster situation among users, regulatory and private sectors," it is coming to an end.

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