Digital Signals: Two ICOs and SEC Taxation conditions


As you have seen, the SEC today costs against two companies selling digital leaflets in ICOs, which impose penalties of $ 250,000 per company. Both Airfox and Paragon compensate damaged repositories tokens and they will be able record the signs as securities.

Digital Signs
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To add to the previous debate on the management of crypto, we put some of our ideas Maxwell R. Rich, Governor of AngelList & Deputy Consultant at Republic, The The crowdfunding platform supported by AngelList The impact of this initiative is for security projects and security facilitiesSouth Westerly


Funding letters Q3, conference, screens etc.

Maxwell R. Rich, General Assembly of the Republic of the Republic:

"The business partners of this settlement should be closely examined as it provides a good guide on how to break the US Statistical Law Laws, which will show the problems not to be pursued and more exciting, to provide new guidance for respondents who identify signals that are digitizing the SEC with the post-offer SEC.

Typically, "Scheduled Tarantans are bought for free. An example of this would be an IPO reporter, such as Google. And now, anyone can buy sections of the Alphabet. The problem is so far This has not been recorded with the SEC through an IPO process. This is why the town is so interesting – it shows that there is another way for registrants to register their security indicators, whether who investigate any security asset of any digital asset or which looks for ways to achieve the previously unconnected ICO.

"It also reminds respondents of the marks since the release of the DAO report, the SEC is strongly attentive to the sale of marks unless they are under the registration deed as Reg D , Reg CF no Reg S.

"Support marks offered through agreements such as SAFTs and KPIs may be required to be registered or free from registration."

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