Dimi and Dara Eikimov's voices blended together in a new version of "My World".


A 16-year-old Dimitar Yakimov fulfilled his dream. The young singer set out a new version of My World.

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In the video her songs are mixed with the original play by the creator of group Slegg – Dimitar Eikimov-Dimy. The young artist and young director, Duran Duran, made a special result for Bulgaria, transmitting Dara's voice and her father's voice and directing the new fragment, including the first video of the song t and the strange voices of Amalia. The video is activated Boril Petrov. His job is to work as the player of the year, Svetlin Ksilev.

The idea is to offer the outstanding legacy of the second half, which influences new life in one of Bulgaria's top 500 songs according to BG Radio performance, and plays it as a showcase. The inspiration comes with the invitation to sing as a singer in Slang By Second Ekimova, a homage to the band who created her father Dimi. Experience has been similar to that of the world voice since 1991, when 26 years after Nat King's death Natalie Kohl breaks down a new life of the classic "Unforgettable" class that her father played. in 1951. For a first time Bulgaria duet.

"My first thought is that I would make a repeat of the first album recorded by director Vassil Stefanov, and then I wondered if it was possible to mix the voices like we were singing" My World "By Daddy When we were looking for pictures, Duran Duran gave me a while I was crying for some time. I was so excited that I didn't believe it was possible to achieve the dream came to a lifetime. Singing with Dad was immediate with the idea of ​​catching the abyss and the director gave the fantastic idea of ​​the original video of My World as a backdrop of my ability, I can't wait to get on and get on with it. The scale of a live Vitosha club on 22 March with Svetoslav Slavkov – voice and guitar player Stanislav Petrov-Stanley – pianist Iliya Rankov – bass guitar, Ivan Popov – guitar, and Nikolay Nikolaev – drums to show the hits d t e Slegg ", Dara will share during the filming and addition:

"It will be recognition of the band, the remote sensation of the interesting, rich and vibrant music that Tati and his friends from Slegg have created. We will make every effort, including" Stay, " Love is not there, "" "Crazy Head" and many more. "

Demonstration of Slang By Second Ekimova is on 22 March at 23.00 in the Vitosha Life Club in the Vitosha Park Hotel.

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