Dina El Sherbini accompanies Amr Diab in the Formula 1 race


The most recent artist and artist Amr Diab has been a major player in attending the Formula 1 race, which is held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Ambulance was published by its description of the Instagram site in the centers, at the same time and the artist Dina Sherbini published a picture taken from the same place as well.

As Amr and Dina have not been shown in a picture, some of them surprised and did not want to appear together, although everyone knows the relationship between them.

The artist Hussein Al Jasmi also played a part, and the stars made many memorabilia between the states and the middle of the population.

The race also saw the American star Will Smith, who came to support his friend Lewis Hamilton, the 5-hour witch.

On the other hand, the star Amr Diab has signed a New Year Eve Eve 2019 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Recently, Amour Diab married Nourhan, the daughter of Chancellor Taher al-Khouli and his wife Hanan Mahjoub, and Walid, son of Dr Osama Skagha, in a New Cairo hotel, who had several arts stars, media and community.

This is a & # 39; Amr Diab's first appearance in the festival, and featured in the service many starlights, including Yosra, Alham Shahin, Dora, and the Bossi Shalabi media, Hala Sedqi, Amir Shaheen artist.

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