Dinesh Karthik denounces Krunal Pandya singilte in the last round: Harbhajan is a deal with controversy


Short February – 4 New Zealand's New Zealand (212/4) hit (208/6) to produce a 3-game series 2-1. Shankar (43), Mitchell (2/27), Santner (2/32). Full Score Car

Harbhajan Singh felt that Dinesh Karthik's error could be a # 39; Denies one with Krunal Pandya in the last being India's cost is the third T20I in Hamilton they finished up to four runs and lost the 3-1 game 2-1 series. On the third of the last ones, Karthik refused to take a while while Krunal had been in a position; Almost all fields run to restore it just over time and finally India did not run the target 213.

The Indian player was a feeling that Harbhajan was a " Feeling that he was a mistake from Karthik because he refused to take the same. However, Harbhajan thought that India won much from this series.

"India has earned a lot of success. It is not easy for Australia and New Zealand tourists and it's been a long trip. It's interesting that you're tired of When you reach the final game but in general I feel that we've got a lot of things. I've been doing things, Australia's Australia and then coming to New Zealand and affect them in one day.


"The last T20I could go on one road and any team could win it but a little mistake from Dinesh Karthik who did not have the same thing and maybe b & We can also win this game, "said Harbhajan on Sports Tak.

"In total, we saw many players and a lot of scrutiny was done. Now I'm feeling that the test elections should be over and now the 15-person team should The World Cup has to be decided. Looking at that, the 15 players should be just over the IPL. Games like Krunal Pandya and more, so many of your good players, who were You want to verify and have stood well, "said Harbhajan.

Harbhajan also said that this was a series of tests for India because they did not play the best bouting mix. He thought that when Bumrah, Kuldeep and Chahal were making the bowling unit together, the target for India will not be as high as 200.

"This is crucial. Jasprit Bumrah plays and Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal who do not play together are the reasons why India spent over 200 runs in two T20I. The three of them play together and as well as other arrogants in conflict, he believes they will spend 200 runs. Especially by Jasprit Bumrah, In addition, it's a good deal, throws a spaghetti, and kisses it too much.

"This was a testament and our boolean unit seemed to be a bit scared but that is why we went to the long run, where Krunal Pandya was Coming into the attack at 8. This series was played as a near game trial, not as the unilateral India lost, "said Harbhajan.

Harbhajan further expanded his single-run dispute and had advice for Karthik – Karthik is a good thing to do; believe in himself but he should have the same belief in the player on the other hand and especially when he is in a position; play so well.

"Today's game could go on the road, it's a little mistake from Dinesh Karthik. This tag of finish he got, he made We win a game against Bangladesh but there [Soumya] Sarkar was bent and not there [Tim] Tuesday It's good to believe, but there should also be a lot of confidence in the & # 39; player on the other side, when he played so well.

"In any place I felt that Krunal Pandya could have tried, he got 18-19 to run in the former one from Southee. So if If the same mistake was made, this may be the result of the game and the series would be different.

"This is the little thing I think, but I'm feeling that Kuldeep, Chahal and Bumrah are playing together, this full 200-run run would not come to no, "Harbhajan decided.

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