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Directly out of the way to be banned in the past. Jolin Tsai: I usually used to bury my feelings.

Sing Tao World Network News:According to Taiwan media statements, Tiny Tsai Elin is managing a & # 39; movement. In 2014, he published the "clàr" table. Due to its close proximity to Taiwan's social issues, he won the Best Mandarin Album Award for the Golden Melody. After four years, he will let the new "Ugly Beauty" record. It seems that its first publicity photograph has been published earlier, and it seems to have been attacked by webmasters when I first put it in.

Jolin Tsai's social platform named the new "Ugly Beauty" advertising table. I saw that she wrote: "Emotion is marked as ugly, but that's true? This time I'm opening it. Every harassment outside the perfect surface, & # 39; look at the feelings, horrors, real and weak stories that I tried to bury, and then the mouth turned into the picture into "mouth of asus", and the eyes were quite empty and without a need. It seems that he describes the time that disappeared when the machines were banned, and so the – Watching red and shouting. Jolin Tsai also sent a message on the 26th: "Can we move everything in the generation to success or fail to define the network's data data?"

For Jolin Tsai, on the way, from the critics believers, the days after worshiping his music, everyone also asked the messengers to leave a message: " Remember that he was very unhappy with cyber bullying when he was debated, and still tried to prove it for many years. " Gossip is a great help to accomplish everything that is amazing today. "

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