Director Johannes Roberts restricts Resident Evil's restraint in the theater –


If everyone had to think that Resident Evil Films They can not give more if you were a mistake, and that's out there sThey will deliver in the cinema and collect more than 1.2 billion dollars Now the license begins with a new director.

Constantin Film was a director of "47 meters", Johannes Roberts, to make a resumption of terror. The revival of his voting has been a priority for Constantin from his last year.

Based on the classic video game, Alice was played by her & # 39; license Mile Jovovich, and his fight not only with the zombies who have disturbed Baile Raccoon after attempting to go wrong, but with his / her. Umbrella Corp. is a non-religious company, this is the cause of the state of accident. The latest "Resident Evil" film began in 2016 and built 312 million dollars, which included only 160 million dollars in China.

It is anticipated that a reintroduction in 2019 with a new model to continue will be unpublished.


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