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Bernardo Bertolucci, who won "The Last Emperor" won nine Oscars and influenced the generations of film makers with other basic jobs such as "The Conformist" and "Last Tango in Paris", in which he studied Politics and Sexuality through personal stories and air camera, died. It was 77.

His journalist, Flavia Schiavi, said that Bertolucci died at his home in Rome at 7 a.m. Monday. He had been suffering from cancer.

He is the largest author in Italy of his generation, Bertolucci had to work both in Europe and in Hollywood, although his relationship with the directions had gone up and down. But even when working within the studio system, Bertolucci made films that were considered as projections in the inner world.

"The Final Emperor", the autobiography of China's final imperial ruler, Pu Yi, released the 1987 Oscars, winning all the divisions in which he was named, Best of the best picture and the best director. With him, Bertolucci's message The first Italian Academy won for the best director. "The Last Emperor" is one of the biggest Academy Award winners and also has a " the first western historian of China made by the Chinese government.

He was born on March 16, 1941, to a wealthy family in an Italian town in Parma, and Bertolucci was the very young talent. Son mac a & # 39; poet and well-known writer Attilio Bertolucci, who won an award for poetry at the age of 21, and then decided to become a filmmaker.

He began to help another Italian poet, Pier Paolo Pasolini, on the first feature at Pasolini "Accattone," in 1961, a Roman pimp illustration. Bertolucci's short film, "The Grim Reaper", in 1962, was an investigation of the massacre of Roman prostitution that was described in many ways. The film designed at the Venice Film Festival.

Two years later, Bertolucci was in the series of Writers Week at Cannes with the "Ever Before Revolution", which was set up in Parma, about a 20-year-old student who struggled between a bourgeois and Marxism agreement Renewable and has a stone with her young, attractive young girl, played by Adriana Asti. Bertolucci Asti married shortly after the movie was released, but both left behind a few years later.

In 1970, he became the first Academy Award for the enhanced screenplay of "The Conformist", based on a novel by Alberto Moravia. The film is based at the Italian Episcopal era and interesting intelligence centers (Jean-Louis Trintignant) built by secret police Mussolini to go to Paris to kill a facial professor who was once a his teacher.

The filmmaker, Vittorio Storaro, "The Conformist" has been lost in love now has been built as an excellent work that has made a major impact on other filmmakers, notably new leaders such as Hollywood on the day, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola.

Although "Tango" is considered one of the most important 20th century films, it created a special controversy for the anal imitation, in which butter is used as a tool. Bertolucci later recognized that Schneider was surprised by the scene, then, to get a correct answer from "as a girl, not as an actress."

Before she died in 2011, Schneider told an interviewer that she had "been uncomfortable and … a little bit" by Brando and Bertolucci. But the director always denied that he was disturbed by her.

"I think the success of Ultimate Tango, as a result of the scanning, the sodom, the butter, but in fact, is a very serious film ", Said Bertolucci Variety in the 2011 interview. "It's very rare that such an exciting movie that affects people is so wide."

"The last Tango" Bertolucci was in trouble with the law of his country. It was built due to securities tax, which led to the loss of its civil rights for five years. "I can not vote, and that's the punishment," he said. "I was feeling like it's not Italy again."

The political robots took part as an option for what is known as "hidden films" in long places: "The Final Emperor" in China; "The Sky Sheltering" (1990), based on Paul Bowles' novel, in North Africa; and "Little Buddha" (1993), in Nepal and Butt.

Bertolucci, renowned in the world with "Last Tango", has won its' His first Hollywood production, his first historical history "1900," in Italy. It is a star of Burt Lancaster – which was very awesome in the movie, so that he did not get up with his agent, worked free – and also Donald Sutharlanach, young Robert De Niro and Gerard Depardieu . They worked with farmers from the Emilia department of Italy, where the picture of a social problem is located.

Bertolucci's lead cut on "1900" five hours, 17 minutes; long, encouraging a wild cat with his & her; The Greatest. The version that was published in 1977 moved in 1977 at three hours and five minutes. The fight, and a mixed reflective response of the film, ended his completion of Bertolucci's position.

But ten years later, in 1987, he came back in the US. when the Academy won nine Oscars to "The Final Emperor", a fascinating historical funny by John Lone and Joan Chen. After years of uncomfortable friendship with Hollywood, Bertolucci gave his name Oscar night "perhaps the worst thing I did in Hollywood".

In 1996, Bertolucci made his first 15-year-old film set and killed in Italy, English "Stealing Beauty," by Liv Tyler who is 19 years old as a prime character in a story of a genuine startup in Tuscany. He continued on this with Roman chambered drama "Besieged," in 1998, and Paris-set "The Dreamers" in 2004, Paean to Paris 1968 and the films he then saved at Cinémathèque Française.

Amongst many of his hostilities, Palme D 'Or Honorary Film Cannes was for life-long performance, in 2011; Honorary Gold Film of the Gold Film in 2007; and Leopard of Honor at the Film Festival of Locarno, in 1997. He was the leader of the Venice jury twice, in 1983 and 2013, and over the Cannes jury in 1990.

Driving Bertolucci's final film, the interesting "Me and You" drama, despite being in a wheelchair, as stated by a number of remedies for arrested gods . His first film in Italy in 23 years, the film is aimed at a teenager boy who is in the age of 23, Link to the elderly sister who is older than his heroin. "Me and You" was killed mostly in a low ground in a quarter of Trastevere of Rome, around the corner from Bertolucci residence, and played a competition in Cannes in 2012.

The second marriage of Bertolucci, to the production and designer of Maria Paola Maino, ends in divorce. He is the son of the third wife, screenwriter and director Clare Peploe, who married in 1979.

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