DIRECTV residency with the rights of the Sudamericana Cup until 2022


DIRECTV won the arms that fought to Fox Sports. The satellite television signal received the rights of South America and the Recopa from 2019.

Chile's South American Cup 2019 football production is represented in four teams: Antofagasta, Colo Colo, Unión La Calera and Spanish Union. To continue the competition on television, it is important to remember important information for fans: DIRECTV received the rights for the South American CONMEBOL Cup and the Recopa for the Latin American and Caribbean Caribbean television broadcast, Spanish speaking, between 2019 and 2022. Since 2002, Fox Sports has been a particularly special competition.

The payment passenger was selected "following a technical assessment of the submissions received by the South African American Football Association Technical Assessment Committee, in an open and competitive application process with advocacy diversity participation", saying CONMEBOL

"In the last two years, the South American CONMEBOL has been a competition in popularity, ranking at digital stadiums and interactions. The format was redesigned in 2017, and # 39 ; including a concert on the calendar, a huge increase in the awards and accepting new levels, bringing new competition to a new height, "said Juan Emilio Roa, commercial director of CONMEBOL .

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