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A new research led by astrophysics experts at Durham University, UK, expects the Cloud Magellanic Cloud (LMC) to hit the Milky Way in two billion years.

The disaster may be much earlier than its impact; Intelligence between the Milky Way and another galaxy, Andromeda, which scientists say they will affect our galaxy in eight billion years.

The crash that accompanies the Cloud Magellanic Cloud was able to launch the depressed black hole at a galaxy, which began to start. cast around it and increase the size of up to ten hours.

As she boasts, throwing the black hole is now active in high-energy radiation and longness; do these cosmetic firefighters tend to affect life on Earth, the sciences say there is a slight chance that our first solar system could hurt the disaster into the place South Westerly

The results are published today (Friday 4 January) in the magazine The Royal Archaeological Society's monthly noticesSouth Westerly

Galaxies similar to our Lachlach Route are surrounded by a group of smaller satellite galaxies that move around them, in a similar way to which bees can be; move around brushes.

Typically, this satellite disease and around the hospitals have a quiet life for many thousands of millions of years. However, occasionally, they will go down to the center, and # 39; affecting and affecting the hostility of hospitality.

The Cloud Magellanic Cloud is the most lucrative galaxy galaxy on the Milky Way and has not been submitted to our community about 1.5 billion years ago. It's around 163,000 years old from the Beautiful Way.

Recent radiators have recently thought that it would be the same part of the Sligo Route for several thousand million years, or, because it is a? move as soon as you escape from an important draw on galaxy.

However, recent measurements show that the Cloud Magellanic Cloud has twice as many clouds as expected. The researchers say that, as it is so large that he expects, the Cloud Magellanic Cloud quickly loses energy and is convicted of being able to do so. accomplished by our galaxy.

The research team, led by scientists at the Cosmology Institute of Computing of the University of Durham, worked with the University of Helsinki, in Finland, which included the imagination of supercomputer creation of EAGLE disease to predict disaster.

The director author, Dr Marius Cautun, a former tutor at the University of Durham's Cosmology Computing Institute said: "Although two billion years are extremely superb compared to human life, it is a short time on cosmetic timetables.

"Destroy the Cloud Magellanic Cloud, as it will be cleared by the Milky Way, damaged by the galaxy, which will awaken the black hole that is at its center and its # 39 ; turn our galaxy as active galactic nostalgia & no cuach.

"This wonder creates a powerful jet of high energy radiation that comes from just outside the black hole. Although this does not affect our Solar System, there is a slight chance we can not escape from a fight between the two diseases that may be out of the Beautiful Way and to an inter-state place. "

The crash between the Cloud Magellanic Cloud and the Slow Trail could be amazing, saying researchers.

Co-author Professor Carlos Frenk, Director of the Institute for Computing Cosmology, University of Durham, said: "Blessed as it is, our Universe, is constantly changing, often through violent incidents such as the disaster to come with a Cloud Large Magellanic Cloud.

"To prevent any accidents, as a major concern to the Solar System, our offspring, if any, exists for the treatment of an incredible show of cosmetic fires because the tall black hole at the heart of our galaxy is reviving by making a very successful radical jets clear. "

According to the researchers, the dosage of the two diseases may be far too long in cosmetic ways.

Dr Alis Deason, from the University of Durham Computing Cosmetics Institute, said: "We believe that we have only one of our disorders so far with very few unions with very large diseases.

"This represents very similar pieces compared to galaxies close to the same size as the Slow Route. For example, the nearest neighbor, the galaxy Andromeda, galaxies nearly 30 hours passed away ; longer than those at the Milky Way.

"So the disaster with the Cloud Magellanic Cloud is far away and our galaxy needs to be similar."


The research was funded by the Science and Technology Resources Council, the European Research Council, the Royal Society and Finnish Academy.

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