Disadvantages affecting video games in 2018


2018 was full of large minutes for video game business. Fortunately It was reinforced as something all over the world and big games were launched as Dead Dead Solution 2 o God of War. For it, eSports and The Game Awards events have shown that they can continue to grow over time. Unfortunately, he can not avoid some scandals which influenced players and companies. We collect them below.

Leave Telltale Games


Telltale Games, one of the most familiar guides for graphic minds, announced in September leaving more than 200 workers, leaving only 25 people to complete ongoing projects. How does a company with permits so important to the river? According to a number of reports, the fact is that they were only successful in games such as The Dead Walking and Minecraft Method. The changes at Batman and Game of Thrones, for example, it was commercial failure right because they can not get up.

In fact, this kind of event will play video games second. What is the worry of people who lose their job. Companies such as Ubisoft, Sony Interactive Entertaimment, Blizzard and Electronic Arts were keen to attract the affected people. Skybound Games were responsible for completing the final season The Dead Walking, as long as Telltale Games are preparing to finalize it in April 2019.

100 hour work per week at Rockstar Games


Dan Houser, leader of the Rockstar Games, who interviewed him: staff ** had done 100 hours for a few weeks to complete the development Dead Dead Solution 2. For several days there was a dispute on criticism against his company, because he did not; This is the first time they were involved in this situation. In recent years, people who worked Grand Theft Auto V They showed other issues of staff work.

After leaving the activity renew your words, saying he and other important writers did not follow the long days, none were attached. Other staff refused that the 100 hours per week were real, and to ensure that the inspection provided the necessary conditions for carrying out their work. At the end he was another stain in the history of the Rockstar Games.

The endless mistakes Map Unlock (Open)


Non-play. Without the right term to report on the first day of it Map Unlock (Open). The game A market came with endless mistakes which completely destroyed the knowledge of the players. He received several updates since it was launched, however, it is still not going up to expectations.

Although some of the original failures on the Bethesda titles, no one was in a bad problem. Hundreds of players wanted repayments not a part of compensation, to show that he was taken luckyly. Undoubtedly, the knowledge will require not to bring the only mistakes in the future, but the licensing has already been damaged for life.

Blizzard and presentation Mental Devil


The BlizzCon 2018 featured as the major event for fans Devil, who was very happy waiting for the final show of the fourth investment. However, everything was destroyed in a few seconds. Following a company's strategy, it was a game for the mobile devices of the story; in Blizzard. Few titles that were greeted as well Mental Devil, who still suffers criticism to the present day.

Who thought it was a community Devil Would you welcome a mobile suggestion? No one understands it. Blizzard came out so much of a problem to get an earlier declaration as an open secret: Devil 4 it has been developed, but it was not the time; there. Surely it will be delivered in 2019 to forget the bitter drink Amateur. It is not the video game or the developers who are responsible for the incident.

Wanting Fortunately to dance dances


Fortunately, he could not go to the battle; People are enjoying today to be released without controversy. Last month has been very tight for Epic Games, because of that there are up to three famous people to submit legal complaints for "stolen" dances. Certainly, Alfonso Ribeiro, an actor by Carlton Banks, is the most famous Prince Bel Air.

The number of legal problems could be increased rapidly, due to Until May there were 58 copywriters. In addition to its obvious exposure to intellectual property, it is a real problem to be able to; value those dances. Those who affect some of the economic remuneration are on the # 39; part of the study. A game that can create millions of dollars for microtransactions is not possible.

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