Disappointment at a swimming pool hanged: Hoang Phu Project on the whole Society hanging


On 21 November, HM Inspectorate Khanh Hoa made a record, suspending all actions in a Hoang Phu high-level residential project that was deposited by Thanh Chau Co., Disciplinary decision by regulations.

Swim swimming without permission

On the same day, Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh, Director of Thanh Chau Co., Ltd. had a news conference, information about the unfinished bath of the Hoang Phu project. Depending on the documents that this campaign provides, the Hoang Phu project is a n; covering a space of over 11 hectares, and an extra 85 hectare planning around Tien Mountain Co. In the main plan of 1/500, there is an unfinished bit at a & # 39; a project where the media know. At the meeting, Ms. Thanh said, the business is going to; Excavating land to swim here. The location of this excavation company is the place chosen as the unfinished bath, as in the long pictures of the website; company.

Responding to the question at least whether the independent project was allowed but the campaign was implemented, Thanh explained: According to the design of his & # 39; business has a total area of ​​approximately 900m2, and the average depth of about 1m S West is at the moment, the swimming pool is in completing the Detailed design, and then the authority is able to; assessed and licensed. "We're digging here to do two-way work, the part for the ground to create a restaurant floor, a part that creates a pit for the bath later , "said Thanh. Another important issue is that the project Hoang Phu has not yet been allowed for infrastructure, the project has four times changing its design, but so far it has made the things happen to A large proportion of high quality buildings, hard construction here. In this regard, business representatives said they are continuing to; Basic design has been agreed since 2011. Why businesses do not need to apply for a new build permit, and that the change is then on Local change, as different as the main plan.

Head of Department Department Khanh Hoa states that the industry has influenced the flow of change, construction of a pipeline from Mount Coon down to its project and residential areas but not yet licensed, a representative Hoang Phu said that the construction problem of the track does not require permission because it does not affect it. It is believed to be the cause of the water accident; in the event of accidental gathering of water, causing the loss of four family members, a representative from Hoang Phu Company, actively. Collaborate with police scrutiny to clarify the purpose. South Westerly

Who is responsible?

According to PV Newspaper, when the Hoang Phu project was implemented, on January 9, 2017, this business director, Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh, sent a document into the People's People's Vinh Hoa Country, Nha Trang town. The Kienh Hoa launching project at Vinh Hoa was agreed by the Khanh Hoa People Committee to become Thanh Chau. At this time, many houses have moved on woodlands to unlawfully build their houses and hill slopes, which are very dangerous for their lives if there is heavy rain or breeze- herd. Thanh Chau Company has called on the Vinh Hoa People's Committee to investigate and write. removing work to avoid damage and risks. In addition, the Hoang Phu Company also said: "For a long time, the water on its hill flows down the place of residence through a stream outside its project However, people are filled with this stream, which is home-made, there are jobs that make flow, imbalance. The last rainfall has run through the land of the Hoang Phu project, and so when the landslide, people think this is the campaign.

On the same day, Mr Tran Van Dong, Chairman of Vinh Hoa Ward, said that on November 21, police were policing the victims of the victim. Because of the people, they still believe that an owner is a The project causes the accident, not due to natural disasters. However, everything needs to wait for the investigation. In response to 2017, the Thanh Chau Company sent a landslide warning letter, Mr East said: "Long-term memory should not be remembered". However, where this business shows illegal houses, Mr Dong said there are many houses here far, there are new houses. The new homes in the ward have made a list, waiting to stop. Mr Dong also did not agree with Hoang Phu's company, the purpose of the landslide was the result of a stream imbalance. "This year, a huge stream, such as a tall of high mountains, flows down residential areas. This has been flown for years ago. The land here is very hard, very difficult for terror Iceland and so far no landslide has been made, "he sent.


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