Disco "drug party" between 7 "long" legs and 10 young men


Tuesday, November 27, 2008 7:00 PM (GMT + 7)

At the "drug party" he is in a hotel in the Nghe An area, 7 "long run" and 10 men were arrested.

On the afternoon of November 27, police from the Dien Chau district in the Nghe An area arrested a group of people for the use of illegal drugs.

Disorder Drug & # 34; between long legs & # 34; & # 34; and 10 young men - 1

The police hold on drug users. Photograph: Nghe Newspaper

Earlier, according to startup information, at 2m on 27-11 morning, Dien Chau district police watched a room in the big hotel in Dien Chau, Dien Chau, Nghe An. At this time, the police officers found a group of 10 men and 7 women who collected for drug use. On the spot, the police held three white plastic packs containing synthesis crystals, a seamless flashlights, a glass screen and a plastic teddy bear. used.

At police station, b & # 39; The names of the subjects named: Le Minh Chinh (SN 1983), Nguyen Dai (SN 1983), Truong Nhu Hai (SN 1997), Truong Tuan An (SN 1994), Phan Huu Tuan SN 1984), Phan Van Cuong ( SN 1992) both resident in Dien Ky commune, Dien Chau district, Nghe An; Cao Nhan Khang (SN 1991), Ngo Si Chuong (SN 1991) residing in Dien Xuan, is Ngo Van Chuong (SN 1992) live in Dien Dong, Dien Chau, Nghe An; Nguyen Khac Thach (SN 1985), Nguyen Thi Ngoc (SN 1980) and Vinh City, Nghe An; Tran Thi Nhien (SN 1996), Le Thi Hoa Cuc (SN 1999), lives in the Kien Giang division, Nguyen Thi Duy Thanh (SN 1994) is a live in the Hoa Thanh area (Tatha Ninh province); Vi Thi Hong Duong (SN 1998) is living in Quy Chau, Nghe An province; Vi Thien Thien Di (SN 1992) residing in the Chon Cuong area, Nghe The department and Nguyen Thi Linh (SN 1995) living in the town of Bao Thanh, the Yen Thanh area, the Nghe An area.

The case is currently being investigated by the public prosecutor.

There are many girls

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