Discord Store wants to benefit Epic with a 90/10 income split


Remember that the Epic Store recites two weeks two years ago, and divides the income that is friendly to the developers? Competition for a fragment of Steam Steam is more complicated than ever before, as Discord has entered the group of companies that are experiencing a " trying to sink Valve service.

In his blog post, Discord says that his & # 39; Discord Store, which launched a few months ago, began to be more friendly to developers in two ways. The first one that Discord gives is only 10% of its own title price; the developer will receive another 90%. Secondly, the source will move to a self-service model where developers can publish their own titles, perhaps with some intervention and delay from the part of Discord.

In order to protect the movement, Discord says that he has been talking to multiple developers and that it is a general decision that digital downloading tanks do not enough enough to cut 30%. The company says almost all that it does not have to do anything; Approximately 30% of the price of the title is to be distributed to digital format in the day and age. Discord thinks they have their services and tools; Thanks for their competitors – benefit from & # 39; removed.

The company has a & # 39; Go one further step and say that it is cut down by less than 10% in the future whenever it is to develop and improve the technology; improve the effectiveness of its Shop. Make a mistake that its Discord Shop will put forward the development process in 2019.

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