Discourage to die after being overseen by the # 39; a cross at risk in the Florida department


An unfortunate traffic accident was recorded on Thursday afternoon in the Florida department, in La Serena town.

He was ill-treated; A little person about 13 years old, and unfortunately, hit a truck that was a move around the place.

According to the startup information, the people in the path, at the time, for reasons that were not decided, did not drive their vehicle; trying to avoid passengers with control of the vehicle that was in a position; reach the victim.

Due to the importance of the incident, the local man died, information confirmed to Diario El Día with Deputy Deputy Commissioner for Florida, Miguel Mejías.

"Unfortunately, at about 7:00 p.m. an accident ended with a small death of about 13. It is not known why the event, which needs to be determined by the SIAT," said police authority.

By passing the minutes, it was confirmed that the age of 13 was marked by the first letters G.G.D.

Instead, staff from the Florida Subcommittee, SAMU and SIAT staff.

The neighbors of the region have been trying for a couple of months. requires the authority to light traffic in the place, because it is thought that this overseas is dangerous, because the accidents that are in the face Happening again and unfortunately today, a victim of death was stopped.

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