Discrimination and published fees: Nurmagomedov will pay half a million, MacGregor – 50 miles.


The Russian eagle can "shake out" three months of disqualification and reduce their sentence to a half-year if they agree to shoot in social advertising against bullying on Las Vegas Police Department organized.

And that 6-month voluntary period will come to an end on April 6, as he started his / her. counted from the beginning of the event – on 6 October last year.

Ch. Nurmagomedov's team was not satisfied with their penalties. "I do not think it's fair. Chabibi – 500 miles, and Conor – just 50 miles? This is a device," said Ali Abdelaziz, a Russian recruiter manager.

Ch. Nurmagomedov published the following in the social place: "Politics always".

The last year's most popular duel last year came to an end in the fourth round after a Russian spokesman was involved in the fight against the Irish.

Then kicked "buckwheat" Cabbage jumped out of her cage and attacked Conor coaches, MacGregor got himself inside her head; chage with Ch. Members of Nurmagomedovo team.

Later on, with the winner, he apologized for his & her; murderer, but made sure he was inspired by his opponent, who was destined from his religion, father and country.

Identify Air Ch. It was the benefit of Nurmagomedovo; He wanted revenge.

Maybe we see the two soldiers in the cèilidh again in April – the UFC 236 competition is scheduled for the 13th of this month. Dana's president, UFC president, spoke indirectly about compensation.

C. MacGregor and Ch. Nurmagomedov is not the only man who gave sentence. The Russian State Athletics Commission defeated two Russian soldiers – Zaibur Tuchugov and Abakakar Nurmagomedov – for a year.

Both took part in the galleries, and the Irishman's first hit them later. Both athletes need to pay 25,000. Dolair SA.

According to the UFC concert manager, it is rarely Ch. Nurmagomedov will go to the ring before the end of the disqualification period for the second. This is how it works to support them. In this case, we will not see Russia's representative in the # 39; ring before the end of this year.

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