Disney princess was; asking, it offers $ 76,000 for a part-time job


If you are tired of routine office work, where you are having office clothes, may be a member of staff in Disney, this is the change you are looking for.

A couple married for just that, part-time nanny, to care for a 5-year-old daughter, also dressed as the character of Disney's chosen daughter.

The advert, placed on the UK Childcare website, which was explained in detail exactly what candidates were standing for, should they accept the $ 76,000 offer.

The candidate has to work four days a week and play a new character each month, whether that is from Anna from Frozen, Moana, Rapunzel or Cinderella.

As well as dressing, the nanny also plays a range of “Disney-related” activities, such as “arts and crafts, home baking, singing”, as well as performing regular stitching work on a wide range of topics. girls are girls getting cooked from school, cooking dinner and being put to bed if the parents are involved in work.

The couple added that they think “lively” girls will fit in with the Disney princesses values ​​and help teach pupils “things like the decision, compassion, ignorance and greatness”. from strong, revitalized female models. "

The full-scale is as follows:

“I have a slightly unusual application that I hope someone will help me!

“My husband and I are looking for a part-time time worker to look at our two girls during the week, but we want to hire someone to look after the children t as a character like Disney Princess each month, such as Princess Anne, Moana, Rapunzel and Princess Merida.

“Like most five-year-olds, our girls love Disney and we think this is the best way to convey important values.

"We know that this is not a typical demand for girls, but we think it would be a good way to teach our girls about things like determination, compassion, compassion and ambition from strong, women-friendly models t the reconstruction as Princess Tiana, Princess Anne, Belle and Cinderella.

"We're looking for someone who can make a commitment to create a really fun place and environment in our home, but we won't be afraid to be a pupil if the poor or ill are acting – it's an horror of 39: sometimes!

“The right person will be creative enough as well as a passion for everything Disney and will be able to show that love to these characters with our girls. The appointment will allow girls to get up after school, four days a week, organizing a range of Disney related activities (art, craft, baking, singing, etc), cooking classes & relaxation. they can be put in bed if we are late from home.

“The job is part-time, but the girl herself has to be willing to work around our busy times. Applicants need to be looking for long-term employment, as we want to keep the girl's life in student life.

“We have a chance to offer the correct candidate £ 40,000 a year and we'll be giving their clothes for a Disney Princess. You will be entitled to 25 holidays, and bank holidays, as well as the statutory sick day. Allocation, but you need to be flexible if there is an emergency.

“Requirements will include clean driving license, first aid training and at least two years' work experience. We believe that a trial trial would work better, so that we can see how you interact with the girls and formally give us permission. to meet before departing.

“Again we know this is not just a normal job offer, but we think it is a great opportunity for someone to be really creative and put a bit of magic into life!

'So if there is anything that may be of help, please get in touch. "

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