Disney Releases Trailers Teasing Galaxy Edge Rides


Star Wars: Galaxy Edge looking forward to & # 39; attracting the most attractive Star Wars fans, with the lullaby to look at what's going on. happening. Check the search for the "Up the Revival" cradle in the video above.

Recreation Week describing the campaigns, and # 39; refers to the "Recovery of the Revival" as a place where the guests can know how they are likely to be caught in a different conflict between deep conflict between his; First Order and X-Wing viewers in relation to & # 39; attending. "

The site also made a new look at "Falcon na Mìle Bliadhna: Smugglers Run, "shown below.

The site says "visitors will start their knowledge by felling up the faster ship in the Han Solo galaxy for a fun escape from Batuu, the world a remote trade that is a theme park home center "and says" guests can take one of three different roles to ensure that the mission is successful. "

Home video file Only: Star Wars Story It brought them a landscape that shows more light on what guests could expect from Falcon's experience.

"You are most in control of the fastest and most exciting vessel in the entire disease," active creative leader Asa Kalama is divided into the "Falcon na Mìle Bliadhna: From Page to Park "featurette." And Hondo, he has gone on and put extra seats so he can get as many of these aircraft teams as possible as possible. There are 200 containers of buttons, hips, and swans inside the chocolate and they all go. doing things. If you are the gunmen in the middle there and you will not get back on these engineers quickly enough they will. going to throw her laser blow. The engineers in the back, they are really obliged to keep them; All in work order and so they are back in working away at their different systems. "

Another interesting news about the park is John Wilson, who made the scores in the smaller saga Running Any: Star Wars Story creating new music that will be heard across the 14 acre field. Williams is set for his position to close Star Wars by making the score for Star Wars: Episode IXSouth Westerly

Star Wars: Galaxy & Edge is located at the Disneyland opening and Walt Disney World in 2019.

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