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There is not enough about Walt Disney World. It is made up of four different subject parks in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, near Orlando, with an annual equivalent of 56 million. The town will crawl over 25,000 acres, an area near the two size size of Manhattan.

There was a steel beam needed to attract Avatar last year so big & and that Disney had to carry a craft loan from Nasa.

Now Disney World – and the entire Disney holiday empire – are getting much, much larger.

With its TV & TV industry; Challenges in the current age, and many of the movie features feature to be used, Disney is a billing to override the theme parking area, which has emerged as a stunning associative agent.

For the 2018 fiscal year, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts had a $ 4.5 billion operating profit, an increase of over 100 per cent from previous five years.

In comparison, Disney Media Networks, a home to ESPN and ABC, had a profit of US $ 6.6 billion, a reduction of 3 per cent.

Each of the six Disney-wide park resorts throughout the world expand greatly, along with Disney Cruise Line.

Michael Nathanson, a long-term media inspector, estimates that Disney will have a " It costs $ 24 billion on new tariffs, hotels and vessels over the next five years. That's bigger than Disney's pay for Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm together.

"It can not be unique – it must be amazing," said Bob Chapek, chairman of the Disney theme park, when he had made a crucial journey to the Disney World's 14-acre building site with Star Wars, shops and restaurants had a shape.

Besides that, the creatures were going to be able to; Looks like the remains of trees once and when they grow on a long planet. Mr Chapek named the overall growth plan "steroids boosting".

Here's a look at what Disney's doing and why – together with the dangers involved in a worrying business:

Transformation around the world

Disney has a fascinating challenge: even with regular high prices for high times, visitor interest is often higher than the potential of some buildings. "You can only drop a lot of people in the park before you start displaying the level of satisfaction," said Mr Chapek.

So the Disney expansion plan is more advanced than this Black Panther roller builder here or now; including an insecure character there.

The aim is changing – making a huge contribution to Disney's Disney (Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea) and its favorite parks. Greater people's promotion (Epcot, Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris) to help more attractive attract visitors throughout the empire.

There are plenty of Disney's famous movie rights making this kind of mega-expansion, Mr Chapek noted. Running and deadly trips come to many resorts.

Star Wars is a galaxy itself

In terms of attracting people and people; Creating mind, nothing compares to the Star Wars trade license.

In 2019, Disney World and Disneyland will open "an" 14 "acre land called Star Wars: Galaxy & Edge. One attractive attraction, guests will be on an Imperial Star Destroyer, where nearly 50 stormy warriors will be able to; wait. On the other hand, guests will have the opportunity to do an interactive Falcon Millennium.

"It's a personalized personal route – your Star Wars story will live," said Scott Trowbridge, the creative creative operator of Galaxy Edge. "If you fall into your wall, that's what you can see on the cock window."

The Millennium Falcon campaign uses a real-time video-verification technology designed by Light Light Industrial and which corresponds to the way guests use 200 coach control.

Increase risk

Subject park industry is always aware of economic splinters, Jessica Reif, analyzed Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Disney has greatly increased security in recent years, using arms of protection and its protection. installing metal detectors, but these tourist resorts could be the ghost towns associated with a brutal incident.

Despite this, Ms Reif said she was happy that Disney was spending so much on her parks. "Disney is the highest output on investment," she said.

Disney Cruise Line is near doubled by 2023. Disney has ordered three new vessels that cost $ 1,25 billion from an inspector. He bought 746 acres on Bahamian island to build a second Caribbean port. (There is already one other island port at Disney).

Seventh town

Robert Iger, Disney's chief executive, told May's reviewers that "invalid" was to take a week of the Disney hotel in China or another country, although warned that plans had not been distance. "But we'll go," he said.

Mr Iger's funding represents the strong response to Shanghai Disneyland, which opened in 2016 at a cost of $ 5.5 billion.

With its middle class that's & # 39; Growth, China's market is becoming particularly important for Disney.

Despite this, a couple of overseas parks overseas Disney did not; stay up to their promise, and Mr Iger wants to settle those heads once and for everyone. Without one reason Hong Kong Disneyland is going to expand an extension of US $ billion, with a bill bill to & # 39; paid by the local government, who is a co-owner.

Hong Kong park, which opened in 2005, has lost money for three years, largely due to regional tourism divisions.

In order to turn around the convenience, Disney is twice on Avengers; Achaddelle's kingdom full of frozen kingdom, with two bird-covered seats; and overshadowed the park castle.

Combined in the future

Changes are not always welcome to Disney parks.

"HOW TO MAKE," wrote one who was receiving a Disneyland pass in a letter to his & # 39; company back a few years ago in response to a simple tree gift. "I'm retained by that collection."

There are relatives such as these businesses, and Disney needs to be aware of its relevance.

Parents may have a soft space for a 36 year old Earth spacecraft trip, Epcot, but their children – Disney's buyers in the future – may not be.

"The bar for what our guests expect to grow is higher," said Bob Weis, president of Summer, Disney theme park planning division. Distribution

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