Disney will set up the Royal Hearts saga in the main Emoji


One of the effects Kingdom of Hearts III We have been leading a lot of secondary provisions, that fans need to handle a type of story puzzle to increase the story. It is not essential, but it is great praise.

Fortunately, months before its launch, Square Enix bought all the collections in two collections and, more recently, one collection. But to face it, genuine time is needed. Luckily, Disney has another plan.

Throughout the case official Disney channel on YouTube, the world's most famous mice has published an interesting summary with everything you need to know about the saga Hearts Kingdom before you start your third installment. Summary, with the way, based on Emojis.


The statues of it Sora, Donald and Goofy and the rest of the characters will go through smartphone interconnection, and & # 39; traveling, fighting and going on; Experience all kinds of characters over four vibrant minutes through a language we are all familiar with today.


In fact, this is the best thing about this item, although we can see new realm entrants Frozen, Toy Story no Monsters SA., it leaves us at historical doors. If you want to find out how well this magic trip is led by Square and Disney you must do your Keyblade.

Kingdom of Hearts III It is already available on Xbox One and PS4 all over the world. And be careful, in spring 2019 and without a special date, the second part of it Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, a true journey through the saga.

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