Dispersed in Arab Political Life – Ali Mohamed Fakhro


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Thursday 28 March 2019 – 1:50 p
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Thursday 28 March 2019 – 1:50 p

For a while, we have been part of Arab political vision, especially after the revolution and rebellion of the Spring Arab, as a sophisticated view. In that scene the images are mixed and the screen mixes blending with political drawings that are vague or organization, and therefore infinite.

Because some people's supernatural lives are characterized by uncertainty in personalization of equilibrium, societies and states do the same where situations allow events in their lives. turning to scary images of conflict.

However, behavioral and intellectual infectivity in some Arab races appears to have largely grown as a result of mental illness and self-destructiveness, which will separate the personality of these systems and transform them to two different characters who can live together in harmony and unity.

For a few decades, most Arab arrangements have lived with national views, commitments and interests with their collective views, responsibilities and interests.

Sometimes even the minority of Arab regimes, which lacked access to the character and character of their neighbors, prevented them from being scared, or sometimes from being shy, from opposing people's feelings. and Pan-Arabic, and preventing them from making the jokes or low levels. Embarrassing by invading refugees invasive troops to this part of that Arab country.

The Arab attempts at the ambivalent, aggressive, and offensive decisions of the President of the Presbyterian, Donald Trump, who encouraged his friends, Kouchner, to Jerusalem for a few months ago and for the Arab Golan. a few days ago.

It was anticipated that, at the very least, the Arab Arab decision would be issued, on behalf of the Arab League, on the same hand, and through all Arab foreign ministries on the other side. Some, and that it will affect all American interests and links in the Arab country.

Let us remember that the traveling gods of the thieves spreading what they do do not have to do anything but the courage and courage of those who oppose them with respect.
As the first answer, Syria was invited to return to the Arab League as a national agreement that Syria is part of the Arab Nation country and that he will not be left alone to oppose the American government system.

The argument was that there was a need for unanimous invitation to invit the unsatisfactory, infamous interpretation under the setting of this new offensive attack on the Arab country.

Remember that Syria is not just a system, but some Arab kings have problems as well as problems with it. Syria is a people defined, through its history, and today in particular, that it is one of the largest people of the Arab country to attain its national and most influential peoples. people who are most affected by affliction, dissent, and Arabs under control.

Syria, the people and the government, have fought in every war and battle fought with countries of the Arab country against many Arab enemies. He lost the Golan, as land taken over by Zionist's enemy, because he stood honest with his Egyptian sister during his battle against the Czech union, when many people looked.

Is this the way in which the Arabic Arab people, who are heartbroken in history, history and horrific sacrifices, will be awarded to the war they were doing with the Jihadism Jihadist at home and against the struggle on the other side. outdoors which has been removed by America and the prosperity of its lands broken up and destroyed cultural and living items?

It is very clear that the forces inside and outwith the wild have the aim of removing the Arab people from Syria in the achievement of revolution, their national ties and the annihilation of Islam. T just as those forces tried to do the same to the Arab people in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Egypt. They can be safe from other domestic habits and abroad.

It seems that accepting the loss of one part after the other side of the Arab world to others has become identical to the political person governing in some Arab countries.

In the Americas, we hoped that we would make a comprehensive and bad review of the political, economic, security and personal ties of the current world unless there were nothing left for the t Arabic but calling her. In the trash.

However, many of the Arab leaders and races are still welcome by the leaders.

Yes, there are schizophrenia in which power has been dominated, propriety, threats and mental aggression.

God, ye people of Shimia who are amazing. <br /> <br /> to occur out of the Arab personality of the schitsophrenia.

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