Disposal, a & # 39; stealing and murder … Fez in fish


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Disposal, a & # 39; stealing and murder ... Fez in fish

Fez police, in coordination with Tang Tangier, went on Sunday to arrest 3 people. They are considered to be involved in a cause of intentional killings, with theft, reduction of hunting and problem solving. The first element of the investigation published that the reason made was & # 39; removing a young man (21 years) Saturday night in the room Àir. 18, located on the 4th floor of Marble House residence, on the Avenue des FAR, in Fez. Then they gave their family a complaint to steal the Royal Gendarmerie in Oulad Tayeb (near Fes).

Inspections carried out by the police services, based on detailed information provided by the Directorate of Land Survey (DGST) services, indicated that the three complaints were quickly identified and captured in the small town of Ksar Sghir. On 17 February, the "police" found the body of the passive body with a leather belt, "read a statement from the DGSN. And for clarification: "this case would be attached to bills to a situation between members of drug trafficking networks (cocaine)". The defendants were put into police arrest when they were getting the survey.


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