Disqualification of tests: the hygiene levels of the vaginal and correct tests will be raised


PREMISES – According to Parisian data, the Ministry of Health has decided to develop a sanitary determination of high-volume turbines for vaginal and rectangle tests. They are only cleaned once a day.

Just cleaning vaginal and rectal probes once a day? It's time short of time, depending on what it says Parisian. The Ministry of Health has decided to increase the level of disinfection on high-speed equipment. The trials are carried out carefully between tests.

This decision, which was long made by the patients' organizations, follows a report published on 25 October, 2018, written on an application from the former Marisol Touraine Health Minister in 2017. t Confess that high-speed experiments were not used 4 million times a year in France for vaginal and rectangular tests, they were not used well. These devices which intervene to follow the baby, clear the ovary diseases, the uterus, the splinter or the project, were cleared out once a day to get rid of the virus t bodies. bacteria, but not viruses. And between two patients, the garment was only thrown with anti-bacterial anti-bacterial wipes and the sheath (which was the same as a special condom), which covers the last height, was jagged and treated. .

Warrant for patients

"This is a real promise to women, their interest is ensuring that 100% of viruses and bacteria are eliminated," said the Parisian Alain-Michel Ceretti, leader from France Assos Health, health practitioners association. Last October, Dr. Pierre Parneix, who piloted the Ministry of Health's report, made it clear that no outbreak of disease through external high sound was published or proved. "The papilloma bee, particularly, is so diverse in population that it is very difficult to link the pollution to the superb noise," he said.

Professional health professionals will soon be aware of these new practices

“The health of the women is a priority that the minister is fully engaged with, ensuring that Agnès Buzyn is encouraged by Parisian. For many years, a question about the disinfection of playgroups is often discussed. Today, scientific evolution is growing and the technical mechanisms available are available to close this debate. "If these new routines are not implemented during the night, especially for a central issue, a new details on the ministerial website will be published on the ministry website. T your practice should be divided between 12 and 24 months.

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