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There has been a lot of focus on the recent frosty numbers in North America and western Europe. At the same time, a bit away from the media, there is an unconnected virus virus that implies a life of at least 922 people from October 2018.

World Health Organization (WHO) reported to reporters on 14 February that more than 66,000 reported that they were receiving their & # 39; measles and 922 deaths in Madagascar between October 2018 and 12 February 2019.

B & b children; In most cases and deaths, they added. It is also worth noting that less than 10 per cent of highly curricular cases are reported throughout the world, so the bigger figure is higher.

Dr Katrina Kretsinger, head of the WHO's expanded vaccine program also said that there were significant symptoms of the disease in Ukraine, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, and Sierra Leone.

A virus has a & # 39; Grayscale is very adventurous and easy to spread through moisture and flow. Once injured, people will experience bad faith, special love, and cough. It is also likely to be fatal and can cause problems such as blindness and brain yield.

However, it is easy to bannen the disease through two fluids of the vaccine that contains its; measles.

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This total disaster in Madagascar is uncertain from the low level of immunization of African-speaking countries. In 2017, the approximate biological rate was only 58 per cent. For a vision, the WHO European level was 94 per cent in 2008. According to this crisis, the country is receiving a critical response that has been in place; vaccine already has 2.2 million of the 26 million people so far.

The current situation is a clear indication of how community sub-vaccine rates affect community. If a relatively low percentage of people in the population are immunized, this allows the spread of disease to be much faster and longer. If there is a breach of people with a wide vaccine, the disease will struggle to spread and the connections to vulnerable people in the population are more likely to be cut off. In order to encourage such a situation, WHO recommends at least 95 per cent of a vaccine cover with two fluids of vaccine that is; taking measles.

Immunization rates have been continually declining in Europe and in parts of North America for a number of years, thanks to poor estimation of the effects of the United States. vaccine – worriedly rejected concerns and rejected by all major health organizations in the world. As Madagascar shows, the dangers of a sub-vaccine in a very real and long-term community.

"Madagascar started a few cases, now, we are almost 60,000 and the issues are growing," said Richard Mihigo, co-ordinator of the World Health Organization's vaccination and vaccine program at his regional office for Africa, according to The Washington PostIn the "I believe that societies such as the US and western Europe should hear and see … this is something that can happen them too. "

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