Distribution of Zebastian Kadestam Hill late to Win Title Dimension Measurement ONE


Distribution of Zebastian Kadestam Hill late to Win Title Dimension Measurement ONE

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Zebastian Kadestam and Tyler McGuire attacked Jakarta on Saturday to confirm the identity of the biggest sportsman. The Swedish smuggler who has affected, & # 39; One late punch blow screw in the fifth round.

ONE: Warrior's Dream was held at the Istora Stadium and was led by a battle between two of the high passports. McGuire put out his stall so he could get the ground to the ground just off the balance, but Kadestam could not return it for a long time.

At times rarely Americans finished a double leg, the enemy attacked directly. There was a little comedy at the end of the opening tour when both of them lost by a & # 39; spun back and then laughing, but clearly Kadestam was going to smile; Many other situations of serious danger.

McGuire was always spread out and & # 39; Kadestam's targets could have been successful, but they did not have a clear impact. Compared to this, a Swedish fighter cast all its power while one of the knees was very low at the end of the third and a time was spent on America.

McGuire's face was about to start & # 39; grow faster but the Americans were running the same strategy at the festival rounds. It was always spread out and & # 39; Looking for a crash crash but Kadestam took action, even though it did not; He can strike strikes as consistently and he would have liked it.

All of these changed in the final exchange of the fight. With 30 seconds to go in the final, McGuire was a surrounded on the left with his hands down and it was a deadly mistake when Kadestam put his right foot and fastened his face to an American friend.

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Kadestam was trying to continue kneeling to the end of his neighbor who was hit but the referee was already in a position; Jump to save McGuire from additional penalty. The finish ended at the 4:31 company and saw the fighter from Sweden only as the third one ever won the ONE Champion global energy title.

With Kadestam's impact to 11-4 and after Ben Askren has gone out, he has now been established as a " best fast weight on schedule. McGuire will fall to 11-1 but, to & # 39; Judgment at the end at the end, Americans realized that the only best thing at night was.

ONE: Warrior Dreaming Results

  • ONE World Cup World Cup: Zebaztian Kadestam will host affecting Tyler McGuire with Knockout (KO) at 4:32 minutes of 5
  • ONE Series High Expansion Series (78.0kg): Nieky Holzken to stop Cosmo Alexandre by Knockout (KO) at 2:59 minutes of visit 2
  • Women's middle flag: Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol who affects Angelie Sabanal with Unanimous Decision (UD) after 3 tours
  • Strawweight bout: Hayato Suzuki influences Pongsiri Mitsatit with Advocacy (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:09 minutes of 1
  • ONE Super Muay Thai Flyweight Bout Series: Lerdsila Phuket Top Team influencing Sok Thy with Unanimous Decision (UD) after 3 tours
  • Catch Weight Bout (72.0kg): Anthony Engelen will stop Jimmy Yabo by going to & # 39; (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:35 minutes of a visit 1
  • Catch Weight Bout (58.1kg): Elipitua Siregar to stop Muhammad Imran by going to her; Submit (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:10 minutes of a visit 2
  • Funny disturbance: Egi Rozten impedes Eddey Kalai by Knockout (KO) at 3:15 minutes of visit 1
  • Bongweightweight: Dae Hwan Kim opposes Zhao Zhi Kang with Unanimous Decision (UD) after 3 tours
  • Flyweightweight: Tatsumitsu Wada defeated Eugene Toquero by & # 39; Submit (Rear Naked Choke) at 0:52 minutes of 1 tour
  • Strawweight Bubble: Adrian Mattheis will abolish Aziz Calim with Petition (Guillotine Choke) at 0:57 minutes of 2
  • ONE Super Super Series which affects Thai Muay's flight: Brown Pinas is a affecting Yohann Fairtex Knockout (KO) Dragoon at 0:52 minutes of a visit 2
  • Batherweightweight: Bruno Pucci to stop Xie Chao with a Petition (Guillotine Choke) at 0:56 minutes of a visit 1
  • Women's controversial bout: Dwi Ani Retno Wulan opposes Putri Padmi with Unanimous Decision (UD) after 3 tours

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