Distributions and 26% definition of costings on users' materials – 12/12/2018


In the energy context and consumption spending its fall, customers have a & # 39; confirm they are likely to save. 26% of the total expenditure made by households in supermarket chains that results in the results of some of the products; promotion. This percentage is above the 23% recorded in the same period last year, according to a survey made by the councilor Kantar Worldpanel.

The department where there is an increase that puts a bigger weight than buying it all there drinks The wine and the stars stand out. Also frozen: vegetables, frozen potatoes and hamburgers. "In frost, the increase will make the product results more accessible to families from a more attractive ticket.

For alcohol drinks, the tenders to purchase purchases are likely to be more measurable, "said Joaquín Oría, Kantar Worldpanel's Together Manager, saying:" For the top ten sectors with the highest proportion, families they carry 25% more product purchases without promoting ".

Although the sales have been recorded under the promotion of a positive increase in the last year, They were not enough to keep the number in the chains. So, the cast dropped 4% for full, long & # 39; basket; it was Increased purchases increased by 15% when they represented a quarter of the total numbers, they did not. The fact that the ones fell without the incentive of those who did; disappeared at 10%.

According to data from the Scentia company, in November, the fall in sales was reinforced and it was an average of 5.9% on every channel.

The areas where increased sales increased were increased by a higher level in the last year: poultry, loose bread, tinctures, dressed desserts for adults and face gear. "These areas are common that are not essential and still have to expand their customer level under the modes of promotion".

According to the Kantar survey, one of the four families was recorded at least one purchase increased in the past year in store chains, a long-standing value & # 39; as we go up on a social pyramid.

A homemaker has advances in chains that stand for a high and average level with a housekeeper from 35 to 64 years, families from 3 to 4 members with teenagers. stay at home or out.

The drop in spending, which has been running for several months, disturbing government officials, including a package of steps to reduce the power of buying the middle and lower classes. In this way, parallel to launching holiday travel programs in the countryside, the Government encouraged distributions with discounts such as fashion week, credit lines for SMEs and support for low income sectors.

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