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At the end of August, its market started. make faster interest rates any other year, first but only in small banks, then spread to the private private banks and water home commercial banks. As a result, interest rates are being subordinated. So far, this race does not appear to be & # 39; cooling down recently when some of the banks raise interest rates, and & # 39; run programs to add interest levels, promote to attract money.

In addition to the interest rate race, another parallel race to raise money at this time is to be able to; Provide bank bonds to increase medium and long-term capital. In this regard, the biggest issue is from BIDV, the bank is in a position; VND4,000 billion worth of value added VND10 million worth, annual payroll interest, including two members, a section of VND3,000 billion Seven years and ten trillion billion of 10-year bonds.

Previously, many banks had been successful in spreading long-term vans in several parts between several hundred billion to trillions. For example, Vietcombank has awarded 6-year bonds with a total value of VND550 billion at an equivalent level of 7.475% annually. BIDV has been successful in distributing four sections of more than VND1,000 billion. MB successfully delivered a five-year period with a value of over 1.4 trillion dong. VIB successfully succeeded in moving 2.800 billion shifts and wants to make second phase …

The situation of the "tart" capital situation, especially the capital time longer than 12 months, is clear by the end of the year – the most interesting business season.

At large banks, although still the most attractive for exhibitions, the legislation remains a sign of recent struggle. BIDV, VietinBank and Vietcombank grow in the & # 39; The first nine months 10.9%, 9.7% and 9.2% respectively, were lower than consumer growth rates (11.5%, 11.9% and 15.1% respectively.

In addition, at BIDV, the rollout of valuable documents was 33% over the start of the year, especially due to the growth of investment certificates. Lack of capital shifted, the bigger people have to take part in their interest rates competition, but it does not seem to be enough to go. Moving many links to meet long-term capital requirements.

Speaking to us, Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, a financial expert and banking, said that two bands have recently had two main reasons. Initially, longer-term bonds can be included in the capital of a bank, and so on; increasing their equity, and thus improving the relatively low capital equity (CAR) equity, especially in the & # 39; group. large banks. Equity currently stands at a 9% capital, but in the future it will be reduced to 8%, when Circular 41 of the State's State will be implemented by 2019.

According to the Vietnam State State (SBV) data, at the end of May, Appropriate ratio for capital capital of commercial banks with state property to 9.39%.

Secondly, capital banks need to move more medium-term and longer-term because the long-term and long-term loans fall from 45% to 40%. Distribution of bonds is a solution to rapidly increasing media and long-term capital.

The expert will also note that the spread of long-term bonds of these banks will help some of the emergency issues; at the moment, but in the future there will be a lot of emphasis to make pictures. profit. There is a risk of leakage rates, as long-term and long-term capital reductions are often high levels of interest. This will affect the bank's profit when there is a capital increase cost, when large amounts of the bundles are invalid; grow, bank pay, money for customers.

Other experts also said that the distribution of bonds is only a "situation" solution for large banks today. This money is not free and ends when it comes to time, trying to improve the suitability of capital, to ensure that Basel II's standards are regulated, the level 1 capital banks need to be increased. Although the time is near BIDV, Vietcombank and VietinBank have progressive steps to increase capital, many people said it will be difficult to achieve this process in a short time due to many methods . The emergent has recently been issuing large sequences of this confirmation attachment.

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