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Wednesday, November 21, 1818, 15:35 PM (GMT + 7)

Information about the division for the third, assistant of Hong Nhung, who demonstrates the truth about her marriage to Diva.

The American entrepreneur Kevin Gilmore – the old person of Hong Nhung Diva – recently responded to his personal page, after still having two divisions because of "third."

Last June, Hong Nhung declared a divorce to her western husband but gave no reason. She now carries a couple of two children, live in Vietnam.

The person in Diva Hong Nhung raised his voice for adultery truth - 1

Family photos of Hong Nhung and Kevin Gilmore before they broke up

But recently, social network facts on the business of Kevin Gilmore, a businessman with Myanmar's mother, showed. Hong Nhung stayed silent in his fortune, and her old husband gave an English answer on her personal page

The person in Diva Hong Nhung raised his voice for anxiety about adultery - 2

The old person Hong Nhung responds on his personal page.

In his comments, Kevin said: "About the stories that were circulated to the Vietnamese media about Thiri (the name of Myanmar) and myself in the days of this use to attack Thir, which is completely inappropriate and which is a beautiful complaint. "

Mr Kevin said he was divorced last year but was only published in the Vietnam media in June this year.

It's not a showbiz act, Kevin said the family divorce divorced as a private case and not media raid. "This is one of the amazing things that are living in public inspection." – Kevin wrote.

In his share, Hong Nhung, assistant, stressed that he and his beloved Tire had been with each other shortly after breaking up with his wife.

Old man Diva Hong Nhung asked for accreditation belief - 3

As well as telling "third party" stories, Hong Nhung also has a & # 39; tag (tag) Facebook of a woman called Thiri as a status.

At the moment, you have been contacted to ask questions with Thir but we did not reply.

Hong Nhung's place appeared after the man of the divorced West, who gets 100 million a month

Ambient rooms give amazers to fans because each corner is designed to be artistic.

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