Divorce Kucherenko: As I say to my son


It's not easy! Model Silvia Kucherenko (36) lives for three years without a Sergey man (49). He sent that court to a jail for financial engineering.

The little girl is struggling to face his son Alexander (7), who always wants his father. Slim Beauty also revealed how a ghost boy prepares for his parents' divorce. The son of Silvie and Sergey Kucherenkov are in a responsible age when he needed both parents on his side. But the father has been living for many years, and Mum has split a decision. And this change of life is a challenge for its model to give her descendants.

"I know what is waiting for me and what work I have in this unpleasant situation. Alasdair's son is not just feeling we are doing. Sergei division. For the child, this is just a piece of paper, "she told New Time Kucherenko, thinking she's up with her parents to stand up with him." Let's know anything, Mum and Dad are still one , and both of us will love him and her; Supporting our son, "he scared.

Address on the bottom

Kucherenko had already been against such an unpleasant situation. She would have to explain to Alexko why she was left alone. "Tell me that the Pope works," She introduced beauty for the New Sunday. The boy did not lose the father's only journey behind the bars. Silvia took on the natural development of the events. "He sees it and he understands gradually. I'm ready to explain to my son if I recognize the right time, " she added.

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