Divorced lawyer Jolie-Pitt married marriage


Judge Iain Ouderkirk has a very good relationship with a Hollywood couple from marriage to divorced marriage.

Theo The Blast, the Los Angeles court agreed to receive Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie closed hearing hearings. The two judges were awarded a unique judge to handle their case and b & He was Judge John Ouderkirk.

Judge Iain Ouderkirk will judge Brad and Angelina's case.

Judge Iain Ouderkirk will judge Brad and Angelina's case.

In a treaty, Sir John Ouderkirk was the one who allowed Brad and Angelina's civil wedding weddings at the Château Miraval estate in France on 23 August 2014. John worked for her couple front of their six children in the simple wedding of that day.

Judge John saw Jolie-Pitt's marriage four years ago.

Judge John saw Jolie-Pitt's marriage four years ago.

John Ouderkirk was a police officer in Los Angeles and a state secretary, but he retired. He helped the divorce divorced "Mr and Mrs. Smith" for a while. In the summer, Judge John warned him Jolie care deprivation If you did not let Brad Pitt come near my kids.

Sharing sources The BlastAngelina did not enjoy her when Iain Ouderkirk made his own judge to give birth to childcare due to her unhealthy fine in the summer, but John was renowned for her reputation.

According to the information, Jolie-Pitt's children were arrested by court arrest assessments and John Ouderkirk is responsible for the outcome to prove who is arrested. It is a legal process in a care assessment involving a mental health appointee appointed by a court or expert selected by parties. Assess family and make recommendations to court about the case. such as care, visit, and parenting plans.

Brad Pitt is still worried that the test will have a permanent impact on children's psychology and Angelina agrees a different agreement between the twoVice-Jolie is aiming for this process to be unresolved due to revenge.

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